Gasoline Powered Air Compressor Issues & Troubleshooting Support

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This page is a venue for folks that own and operate a gasoline or diesel powered air compressor, compressors that are powered by other than electric motors, and are often used on job sites where electric power is not readily available, and need a little help or have some advice for other users.

Also, there is a forum on this site already to do with Tow Behind liquid fuel-powered construction compressors. Tow behind construction grade compressors may have some unique issues so if you are looking for help regarding one of these construction compressors, please visit the Tow Behind Compressor page.

If you are asking a question about your gasoline powered air compressor, unless you upload photos, folks that may want to help cannot do so as they cannot see the compressor or the problem area.

Gasoline powered air compressor

I have often said in the various postings over the years that I still do not use, nor have I ever used, any air compressor powered by other than an electric motor. As a result I am happy to chime in when a problem is related to the pump side of a gasoline powered air compressor.

Visitors and I are relying on the help from those that do use them and offer their advice via a comment. The comment form is at the end of this page.

Photos always help. With a new comment you can include photos and they will help clarify any questions if you include them.

Before you fill out the form with your question, why not scan the questions and answers below the form? You may find your question has been answered already?



New question about Gasoline Powered Air Compressor Issues? Add it here, and please upload some photos focusing on the problem area?

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I have a gasoline powered air compressor, it’s a pull starter only, I find it very hard when pulling the handle in trying to start it. I just got it recently and haven’t started it yet, it’s brand new. I can hear the piston moving when pull starting it but with all my strength the pull rope is difficult to move.
Thank you.

It might help to know the make and model of your machine.
Have read the directions?
Maybe it has no oil, or there’s a knob or something you’re supposed to move.