The GA 37 compressor shuts down with element outlet temperature going high. What is the solution?

Atlas Copco GA37 air compressor
Atlas Copco GA37 air compressor


by: Carl

Quite simple, its overheating, check oil level, clean/blow out cooler, check/replace thermo valve.
Make sure fan is spinning.
Do all above, if no change then post a reply to this message

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GA 37 Shut down
by: Anonymous

Thank you Carl. We will try that


GA 37 advice
by: Anonymous

if your compressor overheats within seconds of starting, your problem is oil stop valve

if it takes a few minutes or longer to over heat it is likely low on oil, coolers are plugged, or your thermostat valve is sticking

to determine if thermostat valve is working, feel the fittings leading into and out of the oil cooler when unit is running hot, both should feel hot, if one feels close to ambient temp your thermostat valve needs to be replaced or bypassed


GA37 shuts down on element outlet
by: John Kwofie

Element outlet alarm could be oil leakages leading to low oil level and consequently leading to high temperatures. Leakages have to be fixed.