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I have a Craftsman air compressor model 919.155730 that doesn’t build tank pressure.

I’ve rebuilt the pump w/ new cylinder, piston ring, all related o-rings & gaskets. The old cylinder was slightly scored. While I had it disassembled, I went ahead and replaced reed valves as well.

After reassembly, air still comes out of intake as before I rebuilt the pump. The motor runs flawlessly.

Could the check valve in the tank be stuck closed forcing air back through the intake? I cleaned all surfaces on head well & nothing else has been replaced. Compressor has worked well since 1992 & really not ready to throw in the towel. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, says Michael McLaughlin.

Craftsman 919.155730

Are you sure you reassembled the pump the right way? Did you make valves, or replace the valve plate? You say “The motor runs flawlessly.”  If the check valve were stuck, the motor would bog down. “After reassembly, air still comes out of intake as before I rebuilt the pump.” That says the intake valve (fingers) are not closing. The valve plate’s not upside down, is it? Please check says Doug from s.d.ca.

Oops! Yeah, I feel stupid. I turned the valve plate 180 degrees around, intake reed over exhaust & vice versa. Figured out what I had done & compressor works perfectly now. No excuse, but was tired and l and it was late in the night when I first assembled. Much thanks for your help & quick response, from the original comment.

Doug in s.d.ca says, “sad to say, I know what you mean.” Happy to say glad you got it sorted. You’re welcome. And thanks for the update.

Craftsman air compressor model 919.155730

Here’s the download for the manual for the 919.155730.