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Just to be clear, this site has no official status with the Atlas Copco Elektronikon controllers, the name being a registered trademark of Atlas Copco. However, some of the visitors to this site each day are looking for help with the Elektronikons they own or service. I’ve created this page for them.

To start with, contacting Atlas Copco is the logical first step.

You can get some help from Atlas Copco if you have a smart phone, and your Atlas Copco compressor has a compatible Elektronikon monitoring system you can visit to find their monitoring system.

Atlas Copco Elektronikon Controller
Atlas Copco Elektronikon Controller

Elektronikon user manuals for complementary download:

That the Elektronikon has some issues that folks have to deal with is pretty clear, by the many questions already asked. If you have any digital Elektronikon documentation you would like to share, you can upload it via the comment section at the end of this page.

If you are one of those that has a problem with their Atlas Copco Air Elektronikon Controllers, please have a read of the postings below. If the answer you are looking for is not already there, post your question using the form at the end of the page. I would expect you’ll get some advice promptly.

Those of you that already have Atlas Copco Air Elektronikon Controllers and can offer advice for any of the questions, please do so by adding a comment. We all thank you!


More questions, answers and info pages about Elektronikon devices found on this site:

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hi, I have 2 units of ZT18 oil free compressor. how can I synchronize their load and unload operation?I’ve tried to input same load and unload pressure but, most of the times, only one runs and the other just standby. It runs in snychro again after reacing the unload value. I’ve tried reducing 1psi difference, but the same outcome.I need to make it run together at the same time due to high demand. hope you can help. thanks

Perhaps a bit more info on your need?
It sounds like the “high demand” isn’t enough to to require both compressors, or what you did would make them both come on. And you probably don’t really WANT them to both come on at *exactly* the same time due to start/surge power availability.

the high demand is not met or cannot be reached by 1 compressor unit only that’s why I need it to run both at the same time. The start surge is not an issue since they both run at different circuit or power supply line. Is there any settings or device or maybe a CAN or ethernet program to snychronize both to load and unload at the same “EXACT” time? it’s really daunting to press on/off button just to snychronize them both whole day. that’s the issue I am hoping to get some recommendations or procedures on how I can… Read more »

Ordinarily that would work. It seems something must be strange or uncommon about how the outputs are connected.
The outputs are connected, right?
If you could describe or draw a schematic or even post some pix of how they are set up, I think we can find and correct whatever is stopping it from working as you want. Maybe not get them to start at exactly the same time, but close enough.

I’ve attached our CDA piping lay-out. kindly check and hope you can verify any problems. thanks

Standard stuff. Are there any pressure gauges? like pre/post dryers? Tank?
Are the output pipes from the ZTs approximately the same length?
How long is that 3″ header, and how far apart are the ZT connections to it?
Then, how far along the header is the drop to the receiver?
Finally, do you normally use both dryers, or one or the other?
OK, one more – is anybody draining the tank regularly?

Is this controller compatible with a BMS/BAS system.
Can we integrate it in via Bacnet IP, or Bacnet mstp?

How to reset password GA 75 Panel If some one put wrong

Compressor getting ON but pressure not getting developed .

I have this problem in atlascopco comp. Model GA 15… please be kind enough give me the solution

Sir My display is showing Inop and no function keys and start stop operations are working please help me

What compressor?
Please send a pic of your controller showing message.

I have same problem in atlascopco comp. Model GA 15 … please give me the this screen need software???

I was looking for a pic of the entire control panel, but yeah, probably needs software or possibly it’s not getting basic inputs – as in not enough to control the machine.

My Elektronikon Display shows an exclamation mark on the display. Nothing else. Anyone have any idea? I am guessing is some sort of limit or electrical interlock but not sure.

Which model on what compressor?
Has it worked before in the present location?
Have you checked the power and phase?
Tried a power-off-reset?

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Hi , Screen not work ,but show that masseg configuring faild :Expansions

Its problem in screen becuse give me this massage.

Uh, what?
Have you just added one or more expansion modules?

Hi, I work with mk5 controllers, and I program them, I have all mk5 program, but they are old versions, now I need new versions,
Speci5 5.2.0
Modi5 5.2.0
Can any body help me please?
I really need them.

(Personal info removed – Moderator)

i need this program.Speci5 5.2.0

Have just replaced an elecktronikon 1 control module with a new one for a GA18 compressor but all the screen warning lights popped up, how do i reset them?

Just a guess, but I suspect the parameters are all at some default value that is an alarm.
Have you gone through the parameter settings? Might be something as simple as setting the clock.