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XAMS 286 CD not responding?

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by Hany

My Atlas Copco XAMS 286 CD ( Engine not responding ) problem

Dear Sir,

We have Atlas Copco compressor XAMS 286 CD , the running hours : 444 , the engine CAT C6.6 ACERT
I need your help to solve my problem which is:

The compressor starts normally and we can load up to 2 bar, but if we increased it more it stops and it gives the below error:

Engine not responding

And I found that once I start without Load , the RPM of the engine is 1300 RPM and once I press the load button, the RPM become 1800 for about 10 seconds then it returns back to 1300 RPM , and when I start increasing the load ,the RPM is fixed to 1300 until I reach 2 bar .once I reach 2 bar ,the RPM goes down immediately .

1- I have checked the line of the fuel completely and changed the fuel and water separator filters but there is no problems inside it, then I run again but the same problem happened again.
2- I have removed the air filters and try to run without it , but still the same problem exists

I bring CAT in Nigeria and they check the engine by computer and the report show that it is very good

I have sent the compressor to Atlac Copco Nigeria but they couldn’t repair it .

So please I need your help

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By Bill Wade

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