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Titan Industrial air compressors are manufactured by American Fab Inc. of South Carolina. They manufacture a broad range of industrial equipment, with the TAC 2 their, apparently, only air compressor. It is a gasoline powered, wheelbarrow style Titan air compressor.

Titan Industrial Air Compressors American Fabrication
Titan Industrial Air Compressors American Fabrication

The first source for information to help you out with your Titan air compressor is the factory. Here is the contact info:

American Fab Inc.
4 New Circle Rd.
Travelers Rest, SC 29690
T: (864) 834-7212
T: (888) 828-8126 toll free
T: Service/Parts: (800) 845-4141
E: [email protected]

After you contact American Fab, if you still have issues with your Titan wheelbarrow air compressors, here is your fellow Titan users question and answer page.

Manual download

Looking for a Titan Tac2 manual? Feel free to download this one.

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Existing Titan Industrial (American Fab) Air Compressor comments:

Titan pulley flies off

We have a new Titan tac-2t wheel barrel compressor. The pulley on engine does not

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