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Titan set screw will not hold key way and pulley flies off

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by Jeffery a Leighton
(North Conway NH )

We have a new Titan tac-2t wheel barrel compressor. The pulley on engine does not stay on the set screw will not hold key way and pulley flies off.

The set screw loosens, the keyway falls out and the pulley falls off.

it has done this since day one when we unwrapped it

Now need new pulley set screw and keyway very unhappy with this what the problem with these compressors?

Titan wheelbarrow type air compressor
Titan wheelbarrow type air compressor


Pulley flied off
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Too late to send/take it back?

Is the motor shaft OK?

What, exactly, do you mean by “keyway”? Is there a key plus a set screw?

Sounds like you may have an alignment problem – even if the pulley gets loose, it should stay in place by tension on the belt.

Pix would be nice, too. (Photo added of Titan wheelbarrow air compressor – moderator)


Pulley flies off
by: Tom

My compressor pulley flies off. Not the engine pulley. It could ultimately be an alignment issue. I will look a that now that I know what to do.

However, the engine shaft has a bolt and washer that goes into the end of the shaft that seems would keep the pulley from coming off. There is a threaded hole in the compressor shaft for a bolt also. I need that bolt and can’t find a parts diagram to order from. I need that bolt and washer. I’ll get a new belt and then go thru the alignment process.

Do I contact the factory for those parts or is there somewhere else?


Set screw
by: Doug in s.d.ca

If you haven’t already, yes contact Titan –

info is here:


They may have the dimensions of what you need, which likely is available at a local hardware store – if not the exact thing, then something close enough.

Good luck, and please let us know how get on with this.


by: Jeffery

By key way I mean there is a slot in the compressor shaft, and the wheel the belt runs in, that requires a piece of @ 1/4″ bar stock to join the shaft to the wheel.

The wheel does have a set screw that must come loose because I did tighten it. I will do the alignment and tensioning procedure.

I agree that is the ultimate reason the wheel “chases” off the shaft. If aligned properly it should stay on there.

The other question I had is if there is supposed to be a bolt and washer on the end of the shaft? That would keep the wheel on.

Then, if not properly aligned, there would be belt wear, possible belt failure or the belt might “chase” off the wheel.

Is there supposed to be a bolt on the end of that shaft or am I missing something?


Set screw / key / bolt & washer
by: Doug in s.d.ca

There’s a lot of vibration, I imagine..

I do not know what is supposed to be on there, but I’d definitely add the bolt and washer as a safety item, if nothing else.

And on the set screw – if it is coming loose, maybe a dab of locktite or similar.

You don’t say if you got a manual, but there’s some potentially useful info here:


Please note page 25.


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