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This page is about the South African Titan air compressors.

If you are looking for information on the Titan brand air compressors that are built in North America, please follow this link. If you need help with or wish to ask question about your South African Titan air compressor, then you’ve come to the right page.

Titan compressor 270LT Belt Drive
Titan compressor 270LT Belt Drive Photo: titanproducts.co.za

Titan Air are a South African based manufacturer of air compressors and air dryers. They specialize in rotary screw air compressors. What appears to be a sister company called UAG HARDWARES, though the site is not entirely clear on this, imports and offers piston reciprocating compressors to the domestic market. air compressors as well.

The company has been in business since 1998, and their products have a preponderance of German-origin technology and components in their manufacture.

Since I always recommend that you go to the source first when you have a Titan Air compressor problem, here is their contact information:

Titan Air Head Office
7 Church Street, Worcester, 6850
Western Cape, South Africa
Phone: +27 23 347 3311
Email: [email protected]

If that doesn’t help, use this page to ask a question. If you have have or use Titan air compressors from Africa, some of the visitors to this site could use your help.

I typically upload brand-specific manuals for all to download, but I have not ever received a digital copy of a Titan Air manual. If you have one, and want it uploaded here for others to use, please upload it here.



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Is a two piston 100L compressor titan brand a good one

Titan Air Compressor series number 143537.

I need Plug for Oil Tank and I don’t know where to order.

I don’t have a part number.