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Inadvertently ran the thing out of oil. Filled the oil so that I see it in the little bubble window but now the compressor tries to start – the green light comes on for a second or two – then it shuts off.

This cycle repeats every two minutes or so, this from by Jan Cutini of  (Roswell, GA)

Without having the compressor here to take a look at, all I can surmise from your post is that your compressor has reacted to the lack of oil and has become damaged.

If the pump became really hot, for example, the piston may have seized in the pump, and since the motor is connected to the shaft that drives the pump, if the pump cannot move then the motor cannot start.

That you see the green light indicates to me that the power is getting from the pressure switch to the motor.

New Jun Air Model 6-25 air compressor
New Jun Air Model 6-25 air compressor

Depending on your skill set, see if you can access the pump crank and, after disconnecting the motor, see if the pump piston will move.

It Works Again!!
by: Don

Just wanted to thank you for the ideas. I pulled the cover off of my pump and located the crank shaft. I inserted a screwdriver into the slot on top and tried turning it. There was a little bit of binding at first but before long the lubricant got in and made it smooth again. I put the top back on and it’s been running like a champ since.

Thanks again! your site is truly helpful.

Don W.

You are most welcome. Glad to have been of help.