What if you put wrong oil in air compressor and some compressor oil related issues.

by robert hainer

i put 10/30 oil in my air compressor , started it up run a little bit then stopped.

Next day i found out i put wrong oil and over filled , drained oil out , turned on it started up i turned off right away.

Robert, I guess it might depend on what make and model of air compressor.

The typical automotive oil has additives and detergents in it that aren’t necessary, and probably will, in the long term, damage some compressor pump components. In the short term, the viscosity is that of a normal compressor lubricating oil, so not too much damage can have been done, but again, it depends on the make and model of compressor.

Let us know how it turns out as a comment here, will you?


There is fuel in oil reservoir?

by Rusty
(Cuero, TX)

Our compressor is mounted on a service truck. the exhaust is facing the front of the truck.

Ibelieve wind entering the exhaust has damaged the baffles. the compressor starts for only a few seconds, then coughs and dies. upon checking the oil, we found that a large amount of fuel had leaked into the oil reservoir.

Any suggestions on where to start in order to fix the compressor. Indeed, next time we’ll be mounting the compressor with the exhaust facing the rear of the truck! Things you learn…

Thanks for your help


Reading the compressor oil dipstick?

by Joe Van Sickle
(Maple Valley)

How do you read the dipstick there is only a notch?

Typical oil fill dipstick

Typical oil fill dipstick

It would have helped to know the make and model of the air compressor, Joe.

Regardless, if this were my compressor and there was only one notch on the wand of the dipstick, I would read that as the “full” level.

If you have a manual for the compressor, I expect that info would be there as well.