Their powered equipment advertising tag line is, or was, “nothing runs like a deere”. Does this hold true for John Deere air compressors as well?

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John Deere Air Compressors
John Deere Air Compressors

In 2017 John Deere gasoline motor powered air compressors were available in seven versions, five of them portable, with air delivery up to 29 CFM, and all featuring Honda gasoline motors.

If you are in the market for a compressor with an electric motor as a power supply, John Deere offers three models, two of them portable versions, with air delivery up to 16.9 CFM.

Premium wheelbarrow versions have Mi-T-M OHV motors, and the larger of the two offering 175 PSI cut out with 17.2 CFM capacity. John Deere also offers a stationary 9.1 HP diesel motor air compressor, featuring a Kohler engine, delivering 29 CFM @ 175 PSI.
Good luck in trying to buy a John Deere compressor

The complete line of John Deere compressors is supposedly available through select distributors, as well as being available through Lowes or Home Depot. I could not find information on John Deere compressors through these outlets. In fact, I found it very difficult, using the John Deere website, to find a dealer that sells John Deere air compressors. Nor could I find a page on their site that allowed me to buy a compressor from them.

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