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Ridgid dual tank air compressor will not shut off

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by mike
(bedford indiana)

I have a Ridgid dual tank compressor won’t shut off.

I replaced the pressure switch and no difference it gets to about 130 pressure and I shut it off then turn it back on.

Ridgid Dual Tank Air Compressor
Ridgid Dual Tank Air Compressor

it doesn’t run until I bleed it off to 100 and it kicks on and runs but wont shut off

don’t know what else to do hope you can help

Mike, if power is getting to the motor circuit through the pressure switch, and the pressure in the tank is above the cut in pressure setting of the switch, then the switch has either failed, is failing, is not wired correctly or is set wrong.

You say you replaced the pressure switch. What is the cut in and cut out pressure settings of the new switch?

What was the cut in and cut out pressure settings of the old pressure switch?

Are they the same?

Is the new switch pressure settings adjustable?

If you use a multi-meter to check power on the motor side of the pressure switch after the pressure in the tank has bypassed the cut out pressure setting, and power is still there, then the switch has not tripped off, and the problem is the pressure switch itself.

And, another Ridgid compressor that won’t shut off

by brian
(ramona ca)

I have a ridged of45175a that wont shut off.

Ridgid OF45175a air compressor
Ridgid OF45175a air compressor

Checked the owners manual and it said the problem was the pressure switch.

So I changed the switch but the same thing happened pressure would only build to 120 and the compressor wont shutoff.

If the compressor tank pressure never reaches the normal cut out setting of the pressure switch, it is not the pressure switch that is the problem.

What is the cut out setting, please?

See the troubleshooting section for help with issues that affect all brands of compressors when they keep running but don’t reach cut out pressure levels.

One more… Ridgid compressor fills up with air but wont shut down

My Ridgid Compressor will not shut off when it reaches the set psi. It will just keep running till I unplug it. Can this be fixed at a low price or should I buy a new one?

If the compressor runs and runs until the PRV pops off, that suggests that the pressure switch – the switch that turns the compressor on and off depending on the pressure in the tank – has failed.

If the tank pressure never gets to the cut out pressure level to shut the compressor off, even if the air pressure is close, then you have a problem with your compressor. See that section on the sitemap page under troubleshooting.

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