by Satish Pathak
(Mumbai, India)

I have small compressor around 1 HP single phase, 45 Liter storage tank.

My electrician got the motor rewinding as compressor has stopped working.

The motor runs well without connecting shaft to piston.

The moment the piston is connected and runs with motor (irrespective of output connected or not connected to pressure tank) the piston head, heat-sink cover starts heating and it further blows capacitor in no time. It happened twice.

Please advise.

Satish, from the description of the compressor symptoms, I would surmise that a mechanical failure in the pump, or maybe a piston seal gone, is resulting in metal-to-metal contact and increased loading on the motor as a result.

That would account for the pump head heating (if it is heating beyond the normal, very hot state when any compressor is running) and increased load on the motor might mean the run capacitor has to work harder, and it overheats.

Can you please confirm that all mechanical elements are working?

Can you also please advise us of the make and model of the compressor, and upload a photo or two of the compressor?

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