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What’s the fix for DeWalt D55146 that leaks air around Regulator knob

by John Harrell
(Orange, Texas)

I have a DeWalt D55146 that leaks air around the regulator knob. Is there an easy fix for this problem ?


It’s Not the diaphragm!

by: Anonymous

This model has a flaw, the nut that the shaft turns in strips out, then it leaks. Cannot find just the nut, need the whole stupid “rebuild kit” that is generic for a variety of models, at least 20 bucks!
-Tom in PA

D55146 regulator repair kit
D55146 regulator repair kit – available from online retailers


55146 leaks air around Regulator

by: Doug in s.d.ca

You should pull the cover and make sure it’s the regulator that’s doing the leaking…

If it’s the reg, a $21 repair kit is available.

But if it’s the manifold, you’re looking at $130 for a new one.

If it’s the manifold, I’d suggest you build a new one from pipe fittings – it’ll probably be cheaper and more maintainable in the future. Looks be damned.


DeWalt D55146 that leaks air

by: Bill

For most folks the complications of trying to find parts for a specific brand regulator, and their unfamiliarity with disassembling and reassembling a regulator, along with the fact that many small air compressors use a regulator you can buy new for $15, suggests that the best course for many is to just replace the regulator with a new one.

If air is leaking around the regulator knob, that suggests that the diaphragm inside is cracked. You can just replace that if you care to undertake the process described above.

Do you have a DeWalt D55146 that leaks around the regulator knob? Care to add a comment? Please do.