Central Pneumatic Model 47065

The Central Pneumatic air compressor model 47065 is another model of air compressor sold by Harbor Freight.

It was sold by Harbor Freight around the 2002 area. It had a (reputed) 4 HP motor, a splash lubed air compressor pump on a 21 gallon tank. Since the 47065 was powered by a 120 VAC circuit it might have generated the flow of a compressor with a 1.5-2HP motor, since that size of motor is about all that can be powered by 120 VAC circuit.

Lots of folks bought this model. This is the forum page for owners and users of the Central Pneumatic 47065 air compressor.

Central Pneumatic 447065 air compressor

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Central Pneumatic #47065 manual
Click the link to download a manual to your computer. Don't forget to save it so you have it for future use.

Central Pneumatic Model 47065


Central Pneumatic Model 47065 Compressor Questions

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Other visitor's issues with Model 47065

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47065 Compressor gasket wore out. 
The gasket wore out that’s required to build pressure. Where can I purchase a replacement gasket? Thanks Dennis

Caps for model 47065? 
Where can I order start and run capicators for the model 47065?

Need piston and connecting rod for Central Pneumatic Model 47065 
My connecting rod broke in two. And one of the piston rings is damaged and messed up the piston. The cylinder and everything thing else is fine. Got the …

Air intake filter housing 
My compressor is missing the air intake filter housing ( and the filter). I tried the filter from another model but it didn't fit. Does anyone have one …

Compressor won't auto shut off  
Compressor won't auto shut off even after the pressure goes up to 130psi on model 47065. I turn it off manually once it got up to 130psi because the pressure …

47065 Compressor very little air pressure 
Air goes into tank no pressure reads on either gauge (pressure switch or pressure regulator) very little air comes out of hose. If I take gauge off …

Inloader hose 
The plastic hose (polyurethane ) that goes to the pressure switch keeps on melting due the air temp. Is there a metal replacement one I could use in …

Where may I purchase the switch? 
I've had this compressor about 5yrs. I've used it approx.8or 9 times and the pressure switch went. where my I purchase the switch compressor works …

47065 good air compressor but unable to get any replacement parts 
have model 47965 need a new connecting rod that goes to piston and connects to crank shaft made of aluminum went through every compressor on central …

Central Pneumatic 47065 blows breaker 
The tank is empty. When turned on the unit will hum and blow the breaker if not turned off within a few seconds. Both of the capacitors have …

Tank not repressurizing and tool gauge reads high 
Two problems. First my tank won't repressurize until the pressure drops down to about 60psi. Once it hits about 60 it kicks on like normal and gives a …

Oil Leakage 
There is oil leaking from around the compressor end cover area. If compressor is not used for any length of time, there is a large puddle of oil beneath …

47065 leaking at tool adjuster valve 
Leaking Pneumatic model 47065 at tool adjuster valve. I have a bad leak through my tool adjuster valve. Can I just replace that part?

Bolts on compressor head 
The bolts on my 47065 compressor are loose. Do I need to torque these bolts ? And how much torque do they need ?

Won't charge past 50 psi  
I picked up this Central Pneumatic 21 gallon 110v, Model #: 47065 and i need to get some parts like the air filter and the air filter holder plus a dip …

Air coming out of the regulator area 
Air coming out of the regulator area will not build pressure

Dip stick pops out 
The dip stick pop's out when the compressor comes on. I see that there are no threads on the engine block, I assume this press fit? Can I just replace …

question about parts for a 47065 
where do you get mod. 47065 parts? i.e. crank case cover?

47065 oil plug and air intake fan  
i came by one of these air compressor it had no oil plug and the air intake fan was stripped. So i installed a rigid fan blade Temporarily the air runs …

Central pneumatic 47065 will not start 
Will not start. It worked fine one month ago, now will not turn on. Oil level is ok.

47065 keeps turning off, keeps cutting out, only runs 1 or 2 minutes... 
When I start up my 47065 it runs for a short time and then turns off and I have to wait for a while when I hear a click and then punch the red button on …

47065 thermal switch pops and capacitor smokes 
central pneumatic 47065 thermal switch pops and capacitor smokes Where can I find a new capacitor, and are both capacitors the same?

47065 won't come on again after shutting it off 
Mr. Bill, I turned my 47065 air compressor on by pulling up the red button and let it fill to 100psi before I pushed the red button down to shut it off. …

Model 47065 compressor will not turn on. 
I have a Central Pneumatic compressor (model 47065)that will simply not work. There was not indication of previous problems. Any ideas?

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Wire the pressure switch on a model 47605 
how to you wire the pressure switch. need to replace don't know how to do the wiring ____________ Have a look at the pressure switch page on this site. …

Diaphragm for a Central Pneumatic 47065 
Diaphram for a Central Pneumatic Model 47065 where can I buy one?

Central Pneumatic model 47065 pressure switch 
Dropped compressor and broke the pressure switch. Wher to get one? ____________ Lee, it doesn't have to be an OEM switch. With the power off open …

47065 air compressor PUMP availability 
I need the pump that sits on top of this item,do you know the number? It's number on schematic is 34b. ________________ Hi Marvin... According to …

Central Pneumatic Model 42321 Air Compressor motor keeps running 
About the same as most other posts,built up pressure to 40.lbs and motor keeps runing but no more pressure build up. I installed a new pressure switch, …

Jeff fixes a 47065 not getting past 60 PSI 
I have a central pneumatic 47065 compressor that was not building past 60 psi. i called harbor freight but no parts are available. So I went to …

Central Pneumatic 47065 parts needed 
the start capacitor blew, im looking for a replacement capacitor. I installed a 250v 70 mf and it also blew. I did find out that this so called start capacitor …

47065 will not build to rated pressure 
My 47065 is about 5 years old....Has worked great. However now it builds pressure to about 40 psi, shuts down. I wait a few seconds and hit the reset …

Running till reach 120psi and the air bleed out? 
I have air compressor the model 47065 it running till reach 120psi and the air bleed out, the motor keep running, what part do I need to fix this problem. …

Central Pneumatic 47065 compressor has no air 
I have a Central Pneumatic 47065 that I acquired second hand, but the prior owner never used it. I brought it home and fired it up. The first time the …

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