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by ridgway
(granton wi)

New bostitch pancake doesn’t shut off when it reaches pressure. Are the new pancake compressors supposed to continuously run !!

Bought a Sanborn and it wouldn’t shut off when it reached pressure so took it back and bought a Bostitch and the same thing, what am I missing !!

Bostitch pancake style air compressor
Bostitch pancake style air compressor


Hi Ridgway.

Since you still have the Bostitch, what is happening to the air pressure in the tank? Is it still building past the normal cut out pressure level…?

Let me know as a comment here, please and then we can pursue the reason.

Bostitch running and then stopped?

by Stephen

Bostich CAP60P-OF … the compressor was running and then stopped… wont build up pressure.

After that it wont build up pressure. it seems to run fine so i took it apart and all of the componets seem fine, the seals look good. so im wondering what else would cause this problem.

Stephen, the usual culprit for an air compressor that runs and does not build pressure is the intake or pressure valve, or an internal gasket that lets go under pressure.

See the compressor TROUBLESHOOTING page, and click the link to “will not build pressure” for more info.

Post a comment here with more information about what you found when you did the checks, please.

Bostitch taking a long time to fill

by: Anonymous

My 6 gallon pancake Bostitch compressor took 14 minutes to build up to 140 psi and keeps running and will not shut off. Any idea what’s wrong? Thanks so much!

It’s broken! 🙂

What was the fill time when it was working properly, please?

Rather than retype all of the issues that could cause this compressor problem here, they are found, in detail, in the compressor troubleshooting section on this site. Please see the pages that refer to info about why air compressors run long, but don’t build pressure.

Had a look? When you check out your compressor using those pages as a guide, what did you find? Please add a comment.