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This article will provide you with all the possible reasons as to why your Bostitch air compressor will not shut down, and Bostitch air compressor troubleshooting tips to help you resolve this issue, along with existing reader problems and responses.

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Reasons Bostitch Air Compressor Won’t Shut Off

Here are some of the most common reasons why your Bostitch air compressor may not be shutting off, summarized in the table below with some tips!

Air leaksYou must confirm whether or not there is a leak by listening for hissing sounds around the whole system or looking for holes on the side of the tank.
Broken air gauges A broken air gauge is another common problem that could cause an air compressor to not turn off. When it’s working, the pressure gauge will steadily rise until it reaches the compressor’s cut-out setting.
Dirty filtersIt’s possible that your compressed air system’s filters are becoming clogged, affecting airflow and leading to your air compressor not shutting down.
Motor problemsIf the pressure inside your tank rises but then stops before it reaches the set cut-out pressure, but your compressor motor continues to run, then it is more than likely that you have a problem with the compressor pump itself.
Pressure relief valve failureIf the PRV gets stuck closed, worst case the tank could eventually explode. The PRV could also become stuck open, preventing the tank from being able to reach its cut-out pressure.
Pressure switch problemsIt could be that you have a faulty pressure switch that is not switching when the cut-out pressure is reached. Replace.
Underpowered extension cordAn extension cord may hamper your air compressor’s performance, blocking it from being able to reach the cut-out pressure and thus causing the air compressor to not shut off.
Reasons Bostitch Air Compressor Won’t Shut Off

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Reader Questions & Responses

Bostitch Air Compressor Won’t Turn Off – Bostitch Air Compressor Troubleshooting


New Bostitch pancake doesn’t shut off when it reaches pressure. Are the new pancake compressors supposed to continuously run !!

Bought a Sanborn and it wouldn’t shut off when it reached pressure so took it back and bought a Bostitch and the same thing, what am I missing !!

Bostitch pancake style air compressor
Bostitch pancake-style air compressor


Hi Ridgway.

Since you still have the Bostitch, what is happening to the air pressure in the tank? Is it still building past the normal cut-out pressure level…?

Let me know as a comment here, please, and then we can pursue the reason.

If you have any questions regarding Bostitch air compressors not shutting off, please leave a comment below with a photo if applicable so that someone can help you!