Bostitch Air compressor Won’t Shut Off, Keeps Running – Solutions & Causes

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This article will provide you with all the possible reasons as to why your Bostitch air compressor will not shut down, and Bostitch air compressor troubleshooting tips to help you resolve this issue, along with existing reader problems and responses.

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Reasons Bostitch Air Compressor Won’t Shut Off

Here are some of the most common reasons why your Bostitch air compressor may not be shutting off, summarized in the table below with some tips!

Air leaksYou must confirm whether or not there is a leak by listening for hissing sounds around the whole system or looking for holes on the side of the tank.
Broken air gauges A broken air gauge is another common problem that could cause an air compressor to not turn off. When it’s working, the pressure gauge will steadily rise until it reaches the compressor’s cut-out setting.
Dirty filtersIt’s possible that your compressed air system’s filters are becoming clogged, affecting airflow and leading to your air compressor not shutting down.
Motor problemsIf the pressure inside your tank rises but then stops before it reaches the set cut-out pressure, but your compressor motor continues to run, then it is more than likely that you have a problem with the compressor pump itself.
Pressure relief valve failureIf the PRV gets stuck closed, worst case the tank could eventually explode. The PRV could also become stuck open, preventing the tank from being able to reach its cut-out pressure.
Pressure switch problemsIt could be that you have a faulty pressure switch that is not switching when the cut-out pressure is reached. Replace.
Underpowered extension cordAn extension cord may hamper your air compressor’s performance, blocking it from being able to reach the cut-out pressure and thus causing the air compressor to not shut off.
Reasons Bostitch Air Compressor Won’t Shut Off

Please visit our Air Compressor Won’t Turn Off – Fixing A Compressor That Won’t Stop Running for far more detailed information on this topic!

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Reader Questions & Responses

Bostitch Pancake Air Compressor Won’t Turn Off


New Bostitch pancake doesn’t shut off when it reaches pressure. Are the new pancake compressors supposed to continuously run !!

Bought a Sanborn and it wouldn’t shut off when it reached pressure so took it back and bought a Bostitch and the same thing, what am I missing !!

Bostitch pancake style air compressor
Bostitch pancake style air compressor


Hi Ridgway.

Since you still have the Bostitch, what is happening to the air pressure in the tank? Is it still building past the normal cut-out pressure level…?

Let me know as a comment here, please, and then we can pursue the reason.

Bostitch CAP 60 Air Compressor will not shut off, keeps running

by Greg
(Panama, Florida)

I have a bostitch cap60p-of that will keep building pressure after 135 psi and wont shut off.

I have to manually shut it off. What part do I need to order for it.

The pressure switch is the device that turns the air compressor on at the cut in pressure level and is supposed to shut your air compressor off at the cut out pressure level.

CAP 60 replacement pressure switch
CAP 60 replacement pressure switch

If the air compressor tank pressure exceeds the normal cut out setting of that pressure switch, then that suggests strongly that your pressure switch has failed and you need a new switch right away.

If, however, the air pressure in the tank never gets to the normal cut out pressure setting of your pressure switch, that’s another issue.

Rather than retype all the info here, please see the troubleshooting page and the links to the page about why air compressors run on but do not build air pressure.

If you still require help, please add a comment here.

Bostitch CAP1512 air compressor will not shut off, venting from safety valve

I have a Bostitch CAP1512 air compressor. It will not shut off at 150 lbs and the safety valve keeps popping, says Mike Mercier.


I’ve uploaded a photo of the CAP1512 for folks to see what this model is like.

Bostitch CAP 1512 oil free air compressor
Bostitch CAP 1512 oil free air compressor

If my memory serves… and that’s debatable for sure, I think I’ve read or seen this issue pop up before, Mike.

Good that the PRV is working and protecting you from catastrophic over pressure, but I sure wouldn’t to rely on that as my only option.

So, since the symptom certainly points to the pressure switch as having failed, and since they pressure switch for the Bostitch CAP1512 is readily available, it were me, I’d be changing out the pressure switch before I used the compressor again.

It’s not a difficult repair since there are only two wires on the switch. Get a new switch, thread out the old, thread in the new, and attach the same wires to the two terminals and, if the new switch isn’t part of a bad batch, your compressor should be back in business.

Give us a heads up about how that worked out for you, will you? Thanks.


My Bostitch 150 psi oil free air compressor will not turn off at the pressure switch

by Jeff
(Newmarket, Ontario, Canada)

My Bostitch 150 psi oil free air compressor will not turn off it kicks the on switch back on

When it builds up pressure my Bostitch 150 psi oil free air compressor will not allow me to shut off the compressor without plugging it out.

Bostitch Air Compressor
Bostitch Air Compressor

Worse than this the knob which allows me to control the amount of pressure released to sink nails deeper, will not stay it seems as if it is stripped.

What can I do to resolve these problems

Hi Jeff. Are you saying that your air compressor starts, builds pressure in the tank, the air pressure in the tank passes the normal cut out pressure, and the compressor keeps running?

If that is the case, does the compressor blow off the PRV?

When you set the downstream air pressure level with the regulator, are you saying that, if for example you had set the pressure at 80 PSI for the nailer, that the pressure gauge on the regulator shows a higher pressure?

Please provide a bit more info in a comment here so I can follow the thread.

kicks switch back on
by: Jeff

Hi Bill the pressure builds to 120 psi and then stops. While it is filling if I try to push the off switch the compressor kicks it back on.

The knob that controls the pressure I can fire a nail at seems to be stripped.


So, the cut out pressure is 120 PSI, and the compressor will stop at that pressure? If you turn the switch off before the pressure reaches that 120 PSI, and the switch pops back on, I suspect the switch is pooched. However, to ease the maintenance issue, let the compressor reach 120 PSI and stop automatically, or pull the plug when you’ve had enough. Either that, or get the switch checked out.

You didn’t answer me about the reading on the regulator gauge. If the knob is stripped from the inside (this is possible) it’s time for a new regulator. Try pushing the knob in or pull it out and see if it connects that way. Some regulators are built so that the knob can be disconnected internally by pulling or pushing the knob. If that doesn’t do anything, and you cannot adjust the downstream pressure, time for a new regulator.

If you have any questions regarding Bostitch air compressors not shutting off, please leave a comment below with a photo if applicable so that someone can help you!

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One last trick was I plugged the safety release valve and as it turns out, the pressure sensor was working fine, but the pressure safety valve was blowing just before the sensor would have shut off the compressor. I’ve ordered a replacement valve and that should be that! Thanks to you for holding this forum!

I have a Bostitch Cap1512-OF and the compressor continues to build pressure til the relief valve blows. I’ve replaced the pressure sensor with a new one and cleaned the connectors and same problem. What next? Any way to dial down the pressure sensor? Thanks

“Any way to dial down the pressure sensor?”
Not to my knowledge. Fixed by the factory.

At what pressure does it blow? If that pressure is at or below the normal cut-out pressure, then the PRV is bad. You can try cleaning it – it should not have any lube on it. If that doesn’t help, you’ll need a new PRV. The rating should be stamped on it.

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Hi and thanks for your reply. I should have mentioned that but it blows at about 155-158 #, so its not the PRV. I replaced the pressure sensor switch and it still blows at the same levels, so I’m thinking the new switch is defective and have ordered another switch. I’m not a mechanic but it appears there is no other obvious part on that compressor that I can replace/adjust that would address this issue.

Thank you for any insights,

Paul k

You are on the right track.
Is the replacement that you have marked?
It could be the wrong part (say 145-175), or just defective.
Anyway, hopefully the next one will work as expected.

I have a 1yr old bostitch air compressor it will build initial pressure then stop but will let the tank run to empty and not build up pressure. I have to unplug and restart, then it will again fill the tank and stop. do i need a new pressure valve?

“do i need a new pressure valve?” I don’t know what that is.

If you mean pressure switch, maybe.
If you mean check valve, more likely.
What model do you have?

Pan compressor 150 psi 6 gal 2.6scfm

Either an actual model, or a pic or three, please.

Model number BTFP02022.

Still not the model number, but I’m gonna guess it’s a BTFP02012.

Looks like you’ve got a bad check valve. It’s the thing on the tank that has a hose going into it. Try removing the hose and then the valve. It should pass air from the hose end, but block air from the tank end. If it doesn’t block, then see if you can get it apart and clean/fix it. If it then blocks, reassemble and test. If it still doesn’t block, and you can’t fix it, you’ll need to buy a new one.

Good luck.

Last edited 2 years ago by Doug in


Iam having same problem with my bostitch 150 psi air compressor.
What should I do?

Same as what we told tom.
Or, go here:

find your symptom, do the checks.
Stumped? Tell us what you checked (and your exact model number) and we can go from there.

Last edited 2 years ago by Doug in

I replaced the check valve. Which was way hard to find. It only pressures up to 70 so it’s hitting the trash. I’ll get a different one. One you can find parts for.

Good plan…