Adding second coupling?

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by rick

I recently purchased the portable emglo dual stack tank air compressor. In the product description it says it can run two framing nailers as well as other multiple nailers at once however there is only one coupler on the compressor.

Compressed Air Manifold
Compressed Air Manifold

I bought what I needed to add a second coupler but after reading the owners manual it states not to add another coupler directly off the tank where the original one is.

My question is what will the harm be of doing this and what are my other options of adding a second coupler to my unit?

Hi Rick…

I have no idea why Emglo says not to add another coupler to the existing coupler. Makes no sense to me.

Maybe they are concerned that someone may add a non-checked coupler which would be like leaving a fitting wide open to atmosphere. Or, it could be their couplers are proprietary, and if you add a coupler from another source, the connector may not fit both?

In your shoes I would find a manifold like in the image. Maybe one with fewer ports to take a line from, that’s your call. I would, after emptying the tank and shutting down the compressor, remove the existing discharge coupler, and thread the manifold on the nipple where the coupler used to be.

I would ensure that the manifold had plugs in any ports that I was not using. I would thread as many couplers into the manifold that I needed or the manifold could accommodate, and voila, places to plug connectors in from a variety of air lines.

Make sure all couplers will work with the same connector, and make sure all couplers are checked so they don’t leak.

I cannot tell you to disregard the manual for your compressor. If it were my air compressor and I needed additional outlets, I would.

Don’t be surprised if the air compressor cannot keep up with production nailing. It might, since nailers use shots of air instead of a steady stream, but if you have skilled operators on the framing nailers and both are working at the same time, you might have an air supply problem.


Direct addition of second coupler
by: doug

My thought is the mfr is concerned about excess mechanical load on their output pipe.

Were I concerned about it, I’d probably go with a leader hose (3 ft or so) to whatever manifold or other plumbing I needed.

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