Using air tank with a blow gun and blowgun not working

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by Steve T.
(Bronx NY)

Converting an air tank to blow compressed air with a blow gun.

How long to fill an air tank? What size tank is required?

I bought a Duralast 7 gallon air tank hoping to use it with a blow gun, but after filling it up and opening the on/off air valve, the air just started coming out the air gun nozzle by itself.

Do i need a different valve on the tank or is the blow nozzle bad?

Thanks for any help u can give me. Steve T. Bronx NY

Hello Steve. From what you have written, your blow gun needs work unless, somehow, you’ve acquired one that’s normally open and you push the button to shut it off… an unusual one, for sure.

Typically, a blow gun comes with a stud or trigger that needs to pushed or pulled for air to travel out the nozzle.

These studs or triggers are the manual operator for an internal 2/2 air valve inside the gun. Pushing or pulling on them shifts the valve, and opens an air path from the hose to the gun nozzle. Let go of the trigger or stud, and the air should stop.

Time for a new blow gun I think.


by: Steve

Awesome! Thank you Bill. I’ll replace it tomorrow and see what happens.


by: Steve T.

Problem solved!

Yay… the good guess wins one! 🙂

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