Can a large, say 100 gallon propane-lp tank be used with my air compressor? They seem to be cheap and available.


What is the pressure rating of the tank, Bruce?

If it’s rated for the pressure you will exert with a compressed air system, then I can’t see why not, as the tank doesn’t care if it’s liquid propane or compressed air inside.

On the other hand, if you can’t identify the pressure range for the tank, don’t take a chance.

Propane Tank - 200 LB capacity

Propane Tank – 200 LB capacity

100 gallon propane tank for compressor tank?

by Jake
(lakemoor il)

Using 100 gallon propane tank to compressor?

I have an old champion compressor that sits on a horizontal 50Gallon?? tank, it easily pumps up to 175psi, but I have this 100 gallon empty propane tank. So how do i add the tank and more importantly, how do i get that awful sulfur smell out of the empty propane tank???????

Jake, first, are you sure it’s not a 100 LB propane tank rather than a 100 gallon tank?

Regardless, you have to make sure the propane tank is rated for more than the highest pressure your compressor is rated for generating.

Then, you visit the “add-a-tank” page linked from the site map for complete details of how to plumb it up.

Over time, the flow of air into the tank will deplete and ultimately eliminate the smell. However, make sure the concentration isn’t high enough to have a fire or explosion hazard, will you?

And one other thing. How are you going to drain the tank as the condensate from the compressor slowly fills it up with water and crud?