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Tap size for a 1/4 inch air fitting?

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by david
(mooresville nc USA)

What size tap is used to tap a hole for a 1/4 inch air fitting?

Photo of a 1/4" tap
Photo of a 1/4″ tap


Tap fitting size?
by: Bill

Hmmm, not trying to be funny here. I would just select a 1/4″ NPT tap for a 1/4″ NPT fitting thread.

Or am I missing something in your question, David?


1/4 inch tap
by: Buster

I agree with you Bill, haha.

He may have meant what drill bit size he needs to tap a 1/4 inch NPT thread, which would be 7/16″.

1/4 inch pipe quick connects can have different sizes of connections for different sizes of pipes, from 1/8″ pipe up to 3/4″ pipe thread with the most common being 1/4″ NPT.

Just a thought!!

Have a great day David!!!


By Bill

If you google tap / drill size you’ll find many charts. Here’s one: https://www.lincolnmachine.com/tap_drill_chart.html .

By Bill Wade

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