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by James
(Tulsa, OK)

I have been trying to help someone with a Snap On BRA7180V compressor that has pressure switch and starting problems – It purchased used.

Snap On Compressor Bra7180v
Snap On Compressor Bra7180v

The motor starter has a 24 volt coil but I can not find a transformer to step the 240 v down to 24.

Either I’m missing something or the wiring is incorrect.

I would like to get a schematic of the controls so I can determine if components are missing and if it needs rewiring. Thanks



BRA7180V transformer
by: Doug in s.d.ca

I dunno what else is going on with this thing, but the transformer, if used, would be a 120V in 24V out, as in bell transformer.

You have 120 if you run a neutral into it.
(You CAN use ground instead of neutral, but you MAY not – it’s against code.)

Maybe you can post some pix with electrics detail?

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