Snap On Compressor BRA7180V controls schematic

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by James
(Tulsa, OK)

I have been trying to help someone with a Snap On BRA7180V compressor that has pressure switch and starting problems – It purchased used.

Snap On Compressor Bra7180v
Snap On Compressor Bra7180v

The motor starter has a 24 volt coil but I can not find a transformer to step the 240 v down to 24.

Either I’m missing something or the wiring is incorrect.

I would like to get a schematic of the controls so I can determine if components are missing and if it needs rewiring. Thanks



BRA7180V transformer
by: Doug in

I dunno what else is going on with this thing, but the transformer, if used, would be a 120V in 24V out, as in bell transformer.

You have 120 if you run a neutral into it.
(You CAN use ground instead of neutral, but you MAY not – it’s against code.)

Maybe you can post some pix with electrics detail?

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Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a bra7180vem?

Hey it’s a 240v not 24 so you need a 10/3 wire which is 2 hots and a neutral and ground

The reference was to the starter relay – 24V coil, not 240V.
If you run the neutral, you can use a 120V transformer to get the 24V to operate the starter.

I have the Snap-on BRA7180VEM and can’t find who makes the cast iron pump. I pulled the oil sight glass off after draining and ran a magnet inside the crankcase and found metal shavings which gives me a clue about the 10 seconds of loud knocking at startup until some tank pressure is achieved. I noted that the rod moved a bit side to side when coxed by the magnet. I think it probably needs a rebuilt but can’t find the info I need on the pump to search for a rebuild kit. Any ideas who makes it and where… Read more »

Snap-On was no help? I think they used at least a couple different pumps, none of which is now available, but anyway, how ’bout a few pix of yours?
Sounds to me like maybe bearings – you might do well to just tear it down to see if it’s even worth it/possible to fix.
A new PMP22K30CH is a direct replacement for 725 USD.

Here are some pictures of the pump. I notice that it knocks for about 30 seconds until it builds some air pressure then runs quiet and delivers plenty of air. But it bangs like hell at startup with low pressure in the tank.

Maybe it’s just an artifact of the pix, but it looks like the oil level is either way high or low…I don’t see an oil line.

Oil level is just over the mid point of the sight glass. I shipped this when I moved and disassembled it for the move back (removed and crated pump and motor). I emptied the oil before crating and refilled with 30 weight non-detergent oil when I reassembled. About 2 quarts. I runs like it always has with the loud knocking until it builds some pressure. It otherwise runs as it should, which mystifies me.

Correction: I took another look and the oil level is close to the top of the sight glass.

Contact Sleegers (they bought Brahma who makes/made the unit) in Canada and ask for tech support (John). I have spoken to them about older models several times. I am looking to buy an older model and called about parts availability. My Snap on dealer looked into the model and they did not even list it anymore. Sleegers gave me one tip about buying a used compressor: remove the air filter and run the unit placing your hand over the air intake blocking any air. It should sound like a sewing machine. If there is noise the bottom end in the… Read more »

That is a good tip. So long as the inlet is small enough that it doesn’t eat your hand…