Quietest air brush compressor for an apartment?

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What is the quietest air brush compressor for my apartment?

I am looking for the quietest compressor but pretty big or over sized for any job i want to do inside of the apartment and somewhat portable to move around.


Most air brush compressors, those that are built for that industry, are quiet as compared to the lower cost general purpose air compressors on the market. There are a number of manufacturers of “silent” air compressors too.

Your “Pretty big” doesn’t really provide a clue as to the compressor size you need. See the pages about what you need to know to size a compressor on this site.

Air Brush Air Compressor
Air Brush Air Compressor

Aside from an airbrush, are you planning to use the compressed air for anything else, and if so, what are the air demands of the tools you expect to use? The more air wanted the larger the compressor has to be.

If you use your browser search and enter “silent compressors” you will find a large selection. But before you can make a choice of a silent or normal volume air compressor, you first have to know what your air demand is so you can size the new compressor correctly.

If it’s only airbrush, and you are primarily concerned about noise levels, buy a plastic tote that is bigger than the compressor, put a couple of holes in it for the cord to get in and the air line to get out, and a slightly bigger hole on one side away from where you sit to allow air to get to the compressor.

That will dampen the sound. As long as enough air can get into the tote, you can even cover it with a blanket to further muffle sound.

Monitory the compressor after 10 minutes or so use to ensure it isn’t getting overheated. If so, more unblocked air holes will be required.

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