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So, who makes Performax air compressors? Is it Menard’s that has this brand made for them?

When I Google Performax air compressors the first page that pops up is Menard’s so I initially understood them to be the original source. Further, their name appears on the last page of the manual for the couple of models they offer. So, I guess this is their brand.

If you have other info, please advise. Otherwise, I’ll carry on with the assumption that Menard’s, like many big home improvement type outlets, has the Performax brand made for them, probably in an offshore factory.

Performax air compressor
Performax air compressor

I’ve only been able to find two models of the Performax compressor. There is an 8 gallon horizontal portable electric, model 300811, and a 26 gallon vertically oriented version, 332614 model. If you know of more, please advise.

Performax air compressors manuals

While I stand to be corrected, I perceive that these compressors are no better, nor worse, than the readily available, fairly cheap assortment of small air compressors available from a host of outlets around the country. And like their contemporaries, I suspect that after sales parts and service will be in short supply.

You can try contacting them at: if you’d like to check with them regarding support for their brand of compressor.

If you agree or disagree with my summation, or have a question, please feel free to post. And if you can help another Performax air compressor user, please comment as well.

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