Noisy unloader valve?

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My unloader valve too noisy!

by John

Hi Bill

I have a silent compressor with the unloader built into the pressure switch.

Is there any way to reduce/muffle the noise when the unloader operates?

The compressor is a very quiet runner so i can use it at night but the unloader discharge is akin to the air brakes on a truck.

Good point, John. The “psshhttt” of an unloader can be startling if you are using a silent air compressor.

Take a look at the unloader valve itself, and see where the air escapes. Is it a single hole, or is air getting out on both sides? Or is air exhausting inside the switch housing with no single point of exit?

There are such things as air mufflers but plumbing the unloader into a muffler might be problematical.

Another solution may be to put the whole compressor (assuming it’s a fairly small one?) into a large plastic or wooden tote. Ensure that there’s a hole for both wire in and hose out, and a larger hole on the side away from you so that air can get in and out freely.

Monitor during use to be sure the compressor doesn’t overheat.

That should muffle the noise pretty well, I would think.

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I slapped a cheap $5 regulator between the compressor and the unloader valve on one of mine. It lets me turn down the pressure being exhausted, and it helps quite a lot.