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by Jeff Chubb
(Palmyra, PA USA)

Mech Power M90002- my base of pressure switch (cast metal) broke off.

Mech Power M90002 Pressure Switch
Mech Power M90002 Pressure Switch

All components of the switch were in working order, I just need the base metal part. the gauges and switch are all good . is a base part available? if not, is the entire assembly available?


Mech Power M90002 pressure switch
by: Bill

I doubt if you’ll find an OEM pressure switch, though I expect you will find after market switches that will fit.

I’m curious as to how the base broke? I had one go on another compressor, the result of an over-tightened fitting or a flaw in the white metal.

See https://about-air-compressors.com/buying-a-compressor-pressure-switch.html for some guidance in finding a new switch if you need it.


Pressure switch
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Looking at other pix of this machine, it looks like the switch itself is not broken, but a pipe broke off in it.

That broken piece can be removed, but then where did it break *from*? I think the tank – is that piece removable? Then all you’d need is a short-ish piece of 1/4 inch pipe, from the look of it.

Maybe send a pic of what it broke from, if I’m way off-base?