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by william clough
(spray, oregon)

I’m looking for service manual and/or user manual for Master Power air compressor by cooper tools model #mpac521 twin stacked tanks w/150psi max.

Master Power air compressor MAC 521
Master Power air compressor MAC 521

Trouble shooting and testing of condenser and check valve.


Is this it?
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Please copy and past the URL in to your browser to see if it still works, and, is this close to yours?



by: Anonymous

I’m looking for the parts listing/manual for mpac521 t00.


mpac 521 compressor
by: Bill

There is a URL to a compressor by Alltrade Tools in this thread.

If that URL isn’t the manual you want, the only other Alltrade compressor I can find is here:


Maybe visit this page, get the contact info for Alltrade and give them a shout?