by Ted Mankowski
(Lafayette, CA, USA)

Bill and Others…I have an old Ingersoll Rand G150 gas driven rotor vane compressor in good condition.

The equipment plate calls for “SAE 10W detergent-type heavy duty oil” to be used on the compressor side (5 gallons – MIL-L-2104B).

IR Rand GR-150 Gyro Flo information plate

IR Rand GR-150 Gyro Flo information plate

Can’t find straight 10W so what should I use? Thanks! Ted


by: Doug in

SHELL ROTELLA® T1™ (for instance) meets the spec. Try a diesel truck stop type place, or order on-line


Oil for Old DR-150 Gyro Flo
by: Ted Mankowski

Doug…Thanks so much for the quick reply! Ted


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