High pressure build up in crankcase of Clarke compressor

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by ralston mills
(kingston jamaica)

I have high pressure building up in crankcase of my clark rebel 50 air compressor?

Clarke Rebel 30 Air Compressors
Clarke Rebel 30 Air Compressors


Pressure buildup in crankcase of Rebel compressor
by: Bill

If the pressure buildup is slow, over many uses, what you are experiencing is a typical, limited, blowby of compressed air past the piston seals into the sump, Ralston.

The solution is to pull the oil fill tube cover and make sure that the vent in the cap is open to allow that crankcase pressure buildup to dissipate naturally.

If, however, the pressure buildup is quite fast, you may have some badly leaking piston seals, and that means a tear down and rebuild to resolve that problem.

In either case, make sure that the oil fill tube cap vent is clear and open for sump air to escape as necessary.

Good luck, and please let us know how it turned out. When you do, would you mind uploading a photo or two of your Clarke Rebel 50 compressor? I couldn’t find one anywhere.



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