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by ROY

Here’s some Gilbarco air compressor information for folks interested.

Gilbarco Air Compressor Information
Gilbarco Air Compressor Information

GILBARCO air compressor were made by QUINCY . I serviced them for 50+ years for ESSO / EXXON.

I still have a lot of the very old parts manuals. Gilbarco and Wayne.


Gilbarco air compressor information
by: Bill

Roy, thanks for that. I expect some folks will post a comment asking for info from you.

Do you have any of the old manuals in .pdf format? If so, please upload via the form below and I’ll add them to the page for all to download.

Thanks, Bill


by: Roy

I saved my pictures as jpegs .
Let me see what I can do about converting some of them.

Back Later.


You can certainly upload .jpegs here too, Roy.


Many of you have posted a question for Roy but, unfortunately, he has not responded to this page, nor have we heard from him again.

But anyway Roy, thanks for the info you did provide.