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by Mike

I have a Craftsman oil-less compressor, 6hp 33 gallon with an AO Safety motor. It runs for 20 seconds and then trips my surge protector.

I am running motor only, the piston and such are not hooked up.

I tried to replace the capacitors. Cheap fix..it’s not them.  The motor runs the same even with the capacitors NOT plugged in.

Everything is clean, no broken or burned wires.

I did notice a round (sensor or pick-up of some sort?), quarter size component that is attached to the back of the motor body that gets pretty hot to the touch but I don’t know if its replaceable or what it’s true function is.

Any ideas?


Mike, if it’s tripping the surge protector ( is it in a power bar, if not, where is the surge protector) then it’s pulling more amps than the circuit can handle.

It’s not entirely clear from your comment (at least to me) if it’s tripping out after 20 seconds when it’s not coupled to any load at all?

Regardless, to me it sounds like an electrical fault, and the motor is the likely culprit.

Often, this symptom is caused by a weak capacitor, but you changed yours, with those of similar rating I’m sure, so that points back to the motor.

If you are using a power bar with a power bar, please don’t. The power bar itself might be the problem.