Compressor blows breaker after a few revolutions

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by Jerry

30 gal. 2hp compressor have checked capacitors with meter they seem to be ok.

Drained air from tank and wired direct to motor bypassing pressure switch motor still quits after a few revolutions.

Removed belt from compressor and checked to see compressor turns freely it does.

Ingersoll Rand 4000 air compressor
Ingersoll Rand 4000 air compressor

Replaced start capacitor just to see if that would help, no change.

Turned on motor with belt removed runs fine with no load.

Hooked everything back up blows breaker after a few revs.

Have no way to check I suspect motor pulling too many amps under load.

What do you think or suggestions.


Run capacitor
by: Doug in

Try replacing that. Or, get an ammeter to be sure it’s not a weak breaker.

This IS a new problem where it was running OK before, right?


Compressor not running
by: Jerry

Yes I did try that no change on the capacitor. No change on the new breaker.

Then I went up from the 20 amp to a 30 amp. Motor started and ran long enough to charge tank to 150 and shut off normally would not start after reducing pressure in tank to cut on pressure reduced pressure to 0 still blows 30 amp breaker and still runs with belt removed.

Can hold pulley with gloved hand, very little torque, and breaker blows.

Thanks for your comment.


Was it working before now, or not?
by: Doug in

Still like to get an answer to that question.

You wouldn’t be running it on an extension cord, would you?

Regardless, please check the Voltage as close to the motor as you can with it running and not running and let us know what you found.

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