Clarke Pancake Champ fitting split

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Clarke pancake Champ fitting from head to tank split. What’s the source for another?

by Tim kintz
(Quinlan ,Texas ,Hunt)

Fitting from head to tank split it has three hook ups where can I get one?

I have a Clarke pancake champ the fitting from compressors to tank that has spring inside split apart.

New Clarke pancake air compressor
New Clarke pancake air compressor


Tim, it is a bit hard to tell from your post just where the problem is, but I am guessing that what you are describing is the self destruction of the compressor check valve where the air line from the pump enters the tank?

I also suspect that one of the ports on this part has the air line going over to the unloader valve?

Getting exactly the same parts will be tough. Getting parts such as a replacement tank check valve should be fairly easy, as a tank change valve is that, a tank check valve. As long as it fits the hole and you can add the unloader line, it should work fine.

So, it were me, I would acquire a one way check valve that fit the tank. Into the open port on the check valve I would install a Tee, and from the tee one line would be plumbed form the pump head, and the other line would go over to the unloader.

If you visit any professional compressor repair location I suspect they will have lots of one way valves, and so too should a good plumbing shop.

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