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This Bambi has been working for over 20 years, but has stopped building pressure

Any suggestions appreciated.

New Bambi 75-250 model air compressor
New Bambi 75-250 model air compressor


It’s still working… but won’t build pressure? Has the sound changed? For sure the tank drain valve is shut after the reservoir was last drained?

Please provide a bit more information as a comment and also visit  the compressor troubleshooting page on this site. Follow the links to the pages that talk about why air compressors run but don’t build pressure and do some of the rudimentary checks noted there please.

What did you find, or not find? Please provide details and we’ll help to try and narrow the problem down.


Anonymous wrote in in response to this post and said, it’s obvious, but do you have an air leak somewhere? Air leaks will stop build up.

These hermetic pumps are very low output so air leaks are a NO! NO!

Place your finger on the inlets of the pump and see if any suction is there? No suction then rings/valves are shot so bin it!!

WHENEVER buying an air compressor check the air usage on the tool u r going to operate, rule of thumb is add one third to that figure and that’s the size compressor u need.

EXAMPLE:-AIR TOOL using 40lpm YOU NEED A 60lpm AIR COMPRESSOR…any lower and compressor will never cut out, it will wear, it will pass oil into air receiver, it will seize up.