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Antlia Air Compressors

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Seldom have I found less information about air compressors than I have, so far, found out about Antlia Air Compressors.

I learned that the name Antlia means bucket or pump, the pump meaning certainly being reasonable as a name for a line of air compressors.

Antlia air compressors origins are Australia I think, yet models of this air compressors are for sale online from outlets around the world, from auction sites and resale sites, and so on.

Antlia Air Compressors
Antlia Air Compressors

Since I cannot find out much information about Antlia Air Compressors on line, perhaps you can help if you have one or know about them?

For example, is Antlia a store’s house brand of compressor? Do you know who makes them? From their appearance I would surmise that the same factories that make so many other brands in China may also make the Antlia compressor too.

Can you help further by perhaps providing any information about the Antlia compressor you have as a comment using the form below? Thanks. Any manuals in digital format can be uploaded via the same form too. Please help.

My thanks to Douglas Rorison who writes…

“Hi Bill, I have just purchased an ANTLIA (Model AN2540HF-1) compressor.

I live in Australia & the unit was sold by our REPCO outlet here. The compressor is made in China & imported into Australia & New Zealand by a company called GPC Asia Pacific.I have noticed a number of online advertisements for this brand although I had never heard of them before.

Repco is a national auto parts retailer as well as a reputable engineering concern in its own right.(You may have heard of a Repco Brabham formula one racing car of the 1960’s.) The engine was designed & built in Australia at that time by Repco in association with Sir Jack Brabham & Ron Tuaranac. Repco now operate a nationwide franchise of auto parts stores & it would appear that this is the brand that they sell. I have just made a short movie of my unboxing of this unit & first test run which I shall be putting on my You Tube channel later today. I hope this information helps.”

Here’s the video:

And of course, if you have a problem with your Antlia air compressor, post it using the form below as well, and with any luck another Antlia air compressor owner or user will help.



By Bill Wade

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