Air regulator adjusting knob issues

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The pressure volume knob is not working properly on my compressor.

by oscar
(houston tx usa)

The knob that allows more air pressure popped up and i tried to twist it back on but cant I’m assuming it is stripped because it wont twist back on and i cant take it off.

My question is, can i get a replacement knob for it? Or can it be replaced at all?

the tank is the small 6gal. 135psi.


Oscar, the knob affects the downstream air pressure, and it is the regulator adjusting knob.

If you have stripped it, I suspect you cannot replace the knob and make it work, but you sure can replace the whole regulator.

They are not too expensive. You will need to remove the shroud / cover to see how the regulator is plumbed in.

Pull the power cord, dump all the air from the tank drain, remove the regulator, and take it with you to the store to get a new one with the same pressure range and port sizes.

Regulator adjustment knob has come off?

I have a Sanborn 5hp compressor. When i tried to adjust the pressure on the compressor by lifting the sliding ring on the adjustment knob of the regulator the whole knob assembly came off.

Is this broken and in need of replacement or can the knob be reattached? There is a flange with saw-tooth type teeth around the outer edge of the regulator housing at the point that the knob attaches. There is a similar series of teeth up inside the knob assembly. SO far I have tried pushing the knob back in place but nothing seems to engage to hold it in place.

Regulator Control Knob
Regulator Control Knob


Some regulators have sliding adjustment knobs. Push them in and they interface with the adjusting nut, pull them out and they freewheel and don’t make any adjustment.

Some have been built so that the entire knob comes off! From a “fix and forget” pressure setting, that kind would be ideal. Set the pressure and pull the knob off, and then no one else can adjust the pressure.

Sorry though, it sounds as though yours is broken. Yet, by pushing the knob back on so that the “teeth” engage, you should still be able to adjust the pressure until you acquire a new air regulator.

I cant turn the regulator valve?

by dan

having got my compressor tank up to pressure (8 bar).
i cant adjust the regulator valve to the pressure i need,it wont budge.

i also got an air intake filter with my compressor and have no idea where it goes!, sil-air 30 series compressor.

Hey Dan, nice to hear from you.

The intake filter will probably screw into a hole near the top of the air cylinder piston assembly.

If your regulator adjustment knob won’t budge, it’s either pooched, or you need either to pull it down or push it up to unlock it, and then it might turn.

Did depressing it or pulling up on the knob work? If not, then it’s off to the shop for a new regulator.

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I’m getting plenty of pressure in the tank, about 150psi. When I attach a tool I get an initial blast of air of about 30 psi then a trickle of about 15. This is with the screw fully out.
If I turn the adjustment down I get even lower pressure.
Is the regulator at fault?
I have a Clark Pioneer, new to me but it is quite old.

Possibly. and you may be able to get parts to repair it if it’s at fault.
It is also possible something is restricting flow into the regulator – possibly rust or some other debris. So you’ll want to check that also.
Can you identify the model of your Pioneer?

Thanks Doug. I’ll check out all the pipework.
The plate on the front says year of manufacture 198 so I’m assuming sometime in the 1980’s.

You may want to disassemble the regulator first if that’s easier. Download the manual if you don’t have it already.
Then if you need parts (you’re in the U.K., right?) go here:

Let us know what you find out, ‘K?

Good luck