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by Jim
(Buford, GA)

I bought a Powermate VP201 compressor at a garage sale to use for my airbrush. I am trying to determine how to connect my Paasche air brush hose to the compressor since none of the connectors seem to fit.

Powermate VP 201 air compressor
Powermate VP 201 air compressor



Hi Jim…

You have a couple of options, but the simplest would be to remove the discharge coupler from the discharge line of the air compressor, and replace it with the Paasche connector, which has a unique footprint for their products.

If you do a search for Paasche quick connects, or connectors as I just did, you will find a host of sources.


Airbrush connection
by: Ronald Norris

I have been fooling around with airbrushing for about 1 1/2 years.

I don’t know how long that you have been doing this but here is a site to go to. They will answer any question that you have about this type of stuff and just about anything else on this subject.


Best of luck
Thanks Ron,


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