Value of Big Red Air Machines Model # BRA516VS

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by Kristen
(Port Huron, MI, USA)

Big Red Air Machines Compressor
Big Red Air Machines Compressor

It’s a 60 Gallon, 5 hp, 208-230 volt, 15 amp, 3450 rpm, 1 PH, MagneTek Century AC Motor, Serial # 595148. Unknown age.


by: Doug in

Value depends on whether you find someone who wants a snap-on air compressor.

Does it get to 175 psi OK?


by: Kristen

Last time it was used yes, currently not being used. So, the value is up to the buyer, hmm. I just wanted to know the general value. I know people will have an opinion of what they personally value things at being above or below the actual value dependent upon what they’re willing to pay. I just can’t find this model online to get an accurate current resale value, yet.


Big Red Snap On Compressor Value
by: Bill

If you scan used compressors for 5 HP unit on 60 gallon tanks, you’ll get a sense of what they are worth.

Doug’s point about does it hit the normal cut out is important. Any buyer will want to know if the compressor gets to cut out, and then restarts properly when the cut in pressure level is reached when air is used.

You can, if you look, find new 5 HP air compressors on 60 gallon tanks for under $1,000. A good used one might fetch half of that?


by: Doug in

Depends on whether you’re just getting rid of cause you don’t need it or if you need some cash.

If the former, maybe try 5 or 600 OBO and see what response you get.

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I am trying to rebuild my compressor. It’s a Big Red Air Machine model #BRA618V . And I’m trying to find out what kind of pump it is. I spoke with a company and the technician believes it’s a ROLAIR PMP22K30. Can anyone please help?

I suspect it is a rolaur. How about some pix of it?
Sometimes they use different pumps on the same model.

I have a used big red air machine and I would like to know how much it’s worth. Can someone call me ?
I can send pictures
Dom giordano

Howdy Dom. Nope, no one can call you. Add a comment to this post with a few pictures of the compressor, and tell folks about it – age, condition, where it is etc., and folks interested will post here. Make sure you’re getting notified of updates to your thread.

Can anyone tell me what this is worth? How many gallons?

“Gallons” aren’t a good indicator of performance, but if you want, measure from the top of the tank to bottom weld, and get the diameter of tank. Plug that into a volume of a cylinder calculator. It is not exact, but close enough.
There may be a manufacture and/or discard date on the tank somewhere, either welded on or stamped directly into the metal.
It’s worth what you can get for it – look at some auction sites for comparable and see what they’re going for.

This is what I found on the front:
Big Ref
Nat’l BD8119
Manchester – MO
W MAWP 140 PSI @650 F
RT-N Yr 1988
Cat# 36132
SH.106. Gal 35.4
From this info do you have an idea what it’s worth?

Well, not really. It says the max pressure is 140PSI and it’s 35.4 gallons, and nothing much else. The problem with these is it seems to be hard to find parts, which makes it less valuable. But the right person might be interested. Again, I’d look locally for auctions of “Big Red” compressors, and see what they’re going for. You want to be within driving distance because it costs more than these things are worth to ship them, generally. Does it work? Cut out pressure (maybe 125 or 135, I’d expect)? Motor HP rating? Time to fill from empty? These… Read more »

Would like to know the size of tank I have on this bra 313ovp, . .BR air machine

How about adding a couple of photos of the compressor and tank to help folks figure this out for you?

Here’s a photo

I have a bra313ovp, little red convertible, 115 or 230v, works great, but don’t know the tank size, looks like around60, just not sure. Would like to know the size of tank I have.

If the tank is cylindrical, you can measure the length and diameter (or circumference) an calculate it to within a couple gallons. There are on-line calculators for this if you want to use one.
Don’t worry about the ends not being flat – just measure between the end welds.

Bra66112h Big Red air machine twin unit special 6 hp motors 230v single phase, bought new in 1994-95 … 175 psi 80 gal tank 2nd unit on a time delay start 3 seconds (adjustable) approx 40 Cfm combined can remove 3/8th hose end and it will still build up and shut off fine … build time from 125 to 175 90 seconds..used to run an auto repair shop about 6 years (shut dow do to health). wondering what it’s worth

Any idea what you paid? Runtime?
Any idea if you can still get parts for it?

Paid over 6000 and haven’t needed parts for quit some time so unsure (last part needed was the check valves where the compressed air enters the tank) probably 20 years ago… new design.

Run time… used every day for about 5-6 years since that time was used very little … this is an industrial compressor and was told under industrial use (which it hasn’t been) it would easily last 10 years

Well then.
Comparable new units are running about 5-6k, so if the tank is good, I’d guess you could start asking $3k, but you’ll probably wind up giving a bit on that, depending on who wants it and where it is…
The single phase motors are a plus for some people.
BTW, do the motors alternate, or do both run always (on demand, that is) or?