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A number of folks have written in to this site, looking for information about Melben air compressors. If this is you, this page is for you.

Melben air compressors
Venerable Melben air compressor

Melben air compressors hark back to the Melben Products Company, involved with the manufacture of sheet metal products, along with compressor tanks. Melben Products was acquired by Campbell Hausfeld in 1961.

When searching for information on Melben air compressors, I kept finding references to an existing company Melben Products, located in Leitchfield, KY, who are supposed to be making compressors. Another report I found said that there were two employees at this location. Another reference says that this location is owned by Campbell Hausfeld too. I’m not quite sure what is the real situation about the small Melben, but Campbell Hausfeld is a good source of info about a Melben compressor if you are having issues with one.

Regardless, it would appear that the brand Melben Air Compressors is no longer in production, though there are many Melben Compressors in use today.

Would Campbell Hausfeld help with information and parts for your Melben air compressor? Perhaps. If you are in the U.S.A., try them at: 800-543-6400, Mon Fri, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST.

Lack of information on Melben air compressors is a problem for owners. So here’s the chance to 1) ask a question about your Melben air compressor to other owners and users of this brand and 2) help another Melben compressor user if you can answer their question by adding a comment.

Please have a look at the existing posts for info, and if it’s not there, add a post below.



Existing Melben Air Compressor comments:

Parts for Melben air compressor i need to rebuild compressor any info may help.

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I have an old Melben compressor. Does anyone know what part that is in the first pic that’s broken?

Sorry, all the pix are broken.
But if it looks anything like the one at the top of this page, try googling something like small air compressors and click the images tag. Look for a similar model, go to link, and try looking for parts from there.
You’ll eventually find a diagram with the parts and names, if you persevere.
Good luck.

I own an older air compressor. Information plate and stickers say it was manufactured by: Melben Products of Harrison, Ohio; for Sears. The tank is a brown in color and indicates a tank capacity of 20 gallon @ 200 PSIG. Manufacturers date mark is 1975. My brother and I owned a Car Electronics Aftermarket business and used it daily for 22 years (Traded a car stereo system for it). Then gave it to our Pop’s in 1997. He used it in his “ Piddling Shop” until passing away in 2004. I have used it in my garage since then. Tank… Read more »

Trying to find a pressure release valve for my old melbin compressor . It has a 110 psi valve .wonder if I can put a 150 psi in it . They are easyer to find .

Easier? I just googed “110 psi prv” and poped up one for 7 bucks.
How hard is that?
You put a 150 on there and if the pump runs away it could blow the tank. Could be bloody.

Melbin Products are in Harrison Ohio

I need to get the diameter of of a Melben Products air receiver with Serial Number 0238163 and CRN. L1091.590871236YT4. Is it possible to get this data point.

I guess you don’t have it to measure?
Did you try Melben/Campbell Hausfeld? If you are in the U.S.A., try them at: 800-543-6400, Mon Fri, 8 a.m.  – 5 p.m. EST.

Unfortunately it is not accessible at this time.

I have a Melbin compressor around 50 years old and haven’t had one problem with it original belt and hoses made in the USA they cared about what they made