Parts for Melben compressor?

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by myke jones
(paris, il)

The info i can find is:

mel ben products 1995
s/n 306272
crn 238254
sh 166
hd 133
rad 2:1
mdmt 20f at 200psi
mawp 200psi at 450 deg.f

i need to rebuild compressor any info may help.

Melben air compressors
Venerable Melben air compressor

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I need rings,head gasket, twin jug gaskets.

Check out Gene M post, below.

I have a Melben 2 hp compressor that I am trying to see if it is possible to get metal flaps/read valves in the head assembly or the complete head? I know it very old but I really like these piston compressors.

There doesn’t seem to be a huge variety of flap valves, so maybe measure yours and look through a search of flap valves, and ask sellers if they are your size. Or maybe a little bigger that you can trim to size. If you succeed, please let us know.
Alternatively, you can get some spring steel and try your hand at making your own.

Good luck.

Thanks Doug, I saw that there were a lot available online, and they look like they will work. But I happened to come across a very helpful compressor parts warehouse in San Antonio, Texas called Sankey Equipment Co. I showed the parts guy at Sankey the broken reed valve and he didn’t even need to know what model of compressor I had, he just walked to his parts bin and found he was out of stock of the kit I needed, so I had him order it for me. The kit comes with all the reed valve plus the retainer… Read more »

Outstanding. That’s a local store then?
Let us know how it goes when you get the parts, please. Pix are good, too, if you want to take a few for us.

Good luck.

Melben air compressor 910773 runs make no air… gaskets??? Need help.

Don’t know what that is. Can you add a couple pix of the pump?
Yeah, it could be gaskets and other things – depending on what it is. Pix will tell.
Is the drain valve closed?