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I have a fairly new Makita MAC5200 3 hp air compressor, the reset button keeps tripping.

Makita 5200 air compressor
Makita 5200 air compressor

You can reset the reset button and it runs and fills normally to about 60-80 lbs, sometimes 100 and then stops due to reset button going tripping off, once in awhile the compressor will fill all way to 140 and automatically shut off like it should, then I will bleed some air till it cycles on again, but more often than not it will trip the reset button at 60-80 lbs while filling then shut off.

And then have to be reset manually to work again. Would this be the pressure switch?


Makita 5200 popping off
by: Anonymous

Make sure you have a good 15 amp circuit. Light gauge extension cords and too much load on a circuit will pop it off. The 5200 needs every bit of that 15 amp circuit. I have a dedicated 12 gauge wire 15 amp circuit and run no less than 12 gauge extension cords.