Help stop My Craftsman 3 Gal. Compressor from walking

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by Tim

I have a 3 Gallon Craftsman Compressor that likes to walk on the concrete garage floor when running.

3 Gallon Craftsman Compressor
3 Gallon Craftsman Compressor

It has four hard rubber padded feet that came with it. It can only go so far due to the power cord, but its a little annoying. Wondering if those 4 x 4 Vibration Pads will do any good?

Thank you


Maybe floor level?
by: Doug in

But is the floor level with all four solid on the ground?

I’d probably use a small chain to hold it if all else fails.


Response to Doug
by: Tim

Floor is level with your standard smooth trowel concrete tract house finish. Wondering if those vibration pads would still move around since it is not exactly a heavy weight.


by: Doug in

Probably. But there’s nothing stopping you from trying them.

Maybe if you made a wood thing kinda like a pallet and put it on that? (I’m thinking more surface area on the floor might be enough to stop it.)


Same issue here
by: Anonymous

I have the same issue. Thinking about putting a softer vibration foot under the existing feet, so that the pad has enough give to take the vibration without scooting across the floor. Otherwise, this is a great little compressor so far.


Tim in California – Problem solved!
by: Anonymous

I solved the problem. My dad had some old industrial rubber grating (kind with holes or perforations). I cut a narrow piece from the overall square piece. Now it does not move at all. I realize not everyone will access to heavy duty rubber grating pieces however, but it worked 🙂

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