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Fini 1.2 Gallon AIR BOSS

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by Ron


All of a sudden we are seeing these in the Big Box Stores. The other day, Lowe’s had this Air Boss for $79.00…..about 2:00 a.m. I went to the website for the Lowe’s nearby – it was shown as $39.95 – bought it. Then they gave me another discount for using the Lowe’s Card…picked that thing up the next day (Xmas Eve). I’ve thrown away $40 on other things, but a compressor with this Hp & PSI – figured if it works it would go in my RV.

Fini air boss air compressor
Fini air boss air compressor

Do have any comments on this Brand. As always,



Fini Air Boss
by: Bill

Be too much of a coincidence if it was not this company: https://www.finicompressors.com/en/.

Given the retail sales price, I would suspect that this model is made in China.


by: Doug in s.d.ca

Hey Ron –

Have you tried the tire hose?

Somebody claimed you have to lay it down to use – is that right?

And is there a place of origin on it? I see the company is Italian…


Follow-Up on Fini
by: Anonymous

This has the second hose, dedicated for tires only…your right it must be horizontal to operate – and the valve to turn the air on/off is of course under there. i just used the other outlet and a tire chuck, worked great.

Bill, your right, it is of Chinese manufacturing……seems everything is these days. It will work for what I need; although they do give a complete breakdown of parts and their number – don’t know if it would be worth repairing, but time will tell. Ron


Removal of the Installed Air Hose
by: Ron

Hi Bill,
So far this little Fini has worked well. As someone mentioned in the earlier comments, you have to lay it flat to use it with the installed air hose…..and the control valve is under it while you are trying to use the hose – really weird! I have just went ahead and used the topside port and the other hose to fill my tires.

Bill, if you have anything on this little machine, I am wondering if it would be practical to remove that installed hose and render that air port inoperative and rely strictly on the top hose.

If you or anyone has some input that would give me ideas, I would appreciate it very much. Ron


Remove hose
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

If I can believe the drawing for it, (the Sears craftsman version) there’s a valve for it at the tank. If that’s actually the case, why not? Just leave the valve closed and remove that hose.

The fitting on there is likely metric, but if you care to, you could modify it or get an adapter and use the the thumb lock as just another tool…I happen to like those.


Fini shut off failed when new.
by: Anonymous

I bought a Fini today at Lowe’s , perfect size for my rv , unfortunately it was the shelf model as they discontinued them .

I brought it home , did the 10 min break in . closed the dump valve and turned it on . I was amazed at how fast it came up to the 135 lbs . however it just kept running ,

I gave it another 5 minutes to see if the gauges were just faulty but it held at 135 and never shut off .

I took it back and ended up with a slightly larger cobalt . not exactly what I wanted , but seems to work a bit faster and shuts off


Fini faulty shut off failed when new.
by: Bill

I suspect that if, after running for 5 minutes and not building pressure past that point, that it wasn’t the shut off switch that was the issue, rather, the pump seals or a gasket had failed, and at 135 PSI the air simply cycled instead of being fed into the tank.

Regardless, the new compressor solved the problem for you and that’s what matters.

Thanks for writing in.

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