Why won’t my air compressor  run an air tool or pump up a tire?

Its a 2.5 horsepower 25 gallon compressor and i can barely put air in a tire.

It says tank mp is 126psi.

When i use a tool the outlet gauge goes down to zero and tool runs out. When i let off trigger outlet gauge goes back up to 100, meanwhile tank gauge stayed at 110 the whole time.

It’s as if air is not flowing right in pipes to tool. All works good until it has to flow to tool.

My tank is full and not leaking, pressure 110 in tank gauge and 100 in outlet gauge. Wen you connect air tool it drains air out of outlet gauge and runs out of air but tank gauge is full and not leaking.

I have knob turned all the way in. After it runs out it fills up but tool only works for 5 seconds till it runs out again.



You say the knob is all the way in on the regulator. What is the pressure setting on the regulator, please?

If you trigger the air tool, and the regulator gauge drops right to zero, that suggests that it is the regulator itself that is the problem. If you have shut off the air by closing the regulator, no air will get to the tool, but then, that you have done so should drop the regulator needle to zero.

If you dump all the air, remove the coupler and regulator, put the coupler back where the regulator is, you will not be flowing full tank air pressure into the line.

Careful if tank pressure is above the maximum pressure of your air tool, but a quick trigger of the tool will tell you whether or not you are getting air to the tool now.

If you dump all the air, add a Tee before the regulator, install a coupler in the Tee into which you can connect the air line to your tool, and then test the tool, if the air tool runs fine then, that confirms that it is the regulator.

If there is still no air out of hose that is the problem that subject is covered on this site on a page by that same name. Check it out linked from the troubleshooting page.

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