by: Jerry

My Bostitch pancake compressor overheating, shutting down, and does not turn back on.


Jerry, is it taking longer to build pressure than before? If so, then the possible reason the air compressor motor is overheating is that it is running too long.

It’s possibly running too long due to a mechanical pump issue that is slowing the pressure build in the tank to the point that the motor overheats and goes off on thermal cut out before the pressure switch can shut off the compressor.

Or, the issue may be power supply. The power to the compressor may be suspect, or there may be an issue with the motor, a start capacitor for example.

We need more information about the compressor to give a specific answer. How about adding details about how long it’s running, what pressure the tank gets to, and anything else that you think might help?


by Jeff Smith
(Mt Ulla, NC, USA)

My CAP-60P-OF will not build much pressure past 20 psi, runs forever?

I removed the pump head & intake valve, look good to my knowledge, reassembled and same issues.

Bostitch CAP 2060 air compressor
Bostitch CAP 2060 air compressor

I also removed the aluminum tube and used another air source and pumped air directly into the tank at the check valve, pressure went up as expected. I then removed the aluminum tube, and I could hold my finger over the exit port indefinitely.

I would like to know the possible cause, and where I can purchase a rebuild kit. Thanks for the help, Jeff Smith

Hello Jeff… from the sounds of it your compressor valves are compromised you may have a piston seal wear issue, or you may have a gasket that lets go at 20 PSI, and instead of air going into the tank with force, as soon as there is back pressure, the air simply cycles inside the pump.

All of these issues, if they are the cause, will need a pump tear down.

As to parts, if you search “compressor parts for Bostitch CAP60P-OF as I just did, you will find a number of sources.



Bostitch Complaint – Will not hold pressure

by Bill M
(Peotone, IL)

Will not hold pressure. …maxes out at 60psi

Bill, it won’t hold pressure, or it won’t build pressure past the 60 PSI point?

In other words, does the compressor stop at 60 PSI, or does it continue to run even though your tank pressure doesn’t build further?

If the first, then I’d look to the pressure switch.

If it is the second, let us know and we’ll try to provide specific resolutions.



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