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by Jan Nelson
(Gig Harbor, WA, USA)

I am looking for any info related to a 1972 Jun-Air Model 6 and what is appropriate oil to use/where to get it.

New Jun Air Model 6-25 air compressor
New Jun Air Model 6-25 air compressor

Any other pointers to DIY support to maintain and/or rebuild are also greatly appreciated. The compressor is a USA model with a 15 liter tank under it and a .5HP motor.


Oil for Jun Air Model 6
by: Bill

The specs call for SJ-27 synthetic compressor lubricating oil.

Complementary alternatives are available: SME 7050 Synthetic Compressor Oil SJ-27 Compatible 24oz

You can browse for the most competitive source for the lube oil.

Typically the model 6 also had a suffix, such as 6-4 or 6-15. Can you determine if your model has such?

Jun Air Model definition
by: Jan Nelson

The labels only show Model 6 without any -XX after. Since it is mated to a 15 liter tank, would that imply a 6-15?

The oil indicated on a label on the unit is SB-420IL. Is there a cross reference for this?


Jun Air Oil
by: Bill

As noted earlier, the specs call for SJ-27 synthetic compressor lubricating oil. Since that is the recommended oil for Jun-Air compressors, by Jun Air, I can only assume it would suit your compressor.

An email to Jun-Air wouldn’t hurt, I would say.

Re: 6-XX, could be. There is no sign of just a Model 6 in today’s line up at Jun Air.


Jun-Air Rep Replied
by: Jan

The regional rep. said that they only have the SJ-27 and did not know what the specs were for SB-42, the original oil spec back in 1972. Bambi still has an oil they call SB-42/46 available in the UK. I am going to try the SJ-27 and see if it works OK.

Jun-Air oil?
by: John C

Hi I have the same old unit (same gold/green colors). It’s in nice condition and I want to change the oil.

Did the SJ-27 oil work for you?