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by J. Derby

I cant seem to find replacement parts for my Snap-On S560V air compressor.

Snap On 560V series air compressor - new model
Snap On 560V series air compressor – new model

I found a broken spring on my intake valve and would like to replace the valve plates, springs and gaskets. Any suggestions?

I’ve done countless searches online with no luck, even the Snap-On website. I will call my old tool dealer and see what he says.


Fixed it
by: J. Derby

I called a bunch of compressor shops, Snap-On Dealer and places that sell compressor parts and no luck.

I went to Napa Auto parts bought a sheet of gasket material and cut my own.

Then I used an Edelbrock Carb spring to replace the broken spring, put it together and it works!


re: fixed
by: Doug in s.d.ca


Sucks they don’t have parts for you, but good to see you made it work.

Thanks for letting us know.