Charge air pro ir5e30 parts

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by Shawn

Ok so my stepdad and mom bought new house the person they bought from left them the air compressor in the basement they have since given it to me. It is charge air pro 5hp 30 gallon tank in wanting to know where I could get parts for it?

Charge Air Pro air compressor from Ingersoll Rand
Charge Air Pro air compressor from Ingersoll Rand

Seems to not have been used much but I’m type I’d like to have extra filters and rebuild kits on hand for the when it does end up needing them down the road. I’m also wondering if I can take the motor and put it on say 60 gallon tank to me seems 5hp on 30 gallon is a bit over kill.

Do you think it would be worth it to put it on bigger tank?

There is out door peddlers mall close to me they have 60 and 80 gallon tanks the 60s are $180.


i-r 5e30 parts
by: Doug in

It could be i-r or Devilbiss.

If you can, figure it out. Either way, looks like parts will be problematic. Post pix.

As to the tank, the reason for them is to smooth out pressure in larger installations. In small compressors, big tanks are more a gimmick.
Your machine uses 5HP so it won’t *need* a big tank.

*IF* you have some air hog tool that you only use intermittently, you might add a big tank just for that.


by: shawn

Ok thanks it is ingersol rand that makes it. No plans for big air hog tools but I’d like to be prepared if I do need to down road for now cut off wheel, impact, rachet, and chisel would be main stuff it run with some sanding also.
Only reason wondering on the tank is buddy has 40 gallon with only 3hp motor on it.


Bigger air tank for compressor
by: Doug in

Yeah, and that means two things:

One, it can drive a tool for a longer period of time than a smaller tank, without cutting in.

Two, it runs longer just to fill up the tank. If you only need a few cubic feet for whatever at 90 psi, you have to wait longer for the pressure to get there before you can use the tool. Then, you have a bunch of air left over that you don’t need and waste the work done to compress it, assuming you drain the machine and put it away.

With a smaller tank and a larger motor/pump, you can get started sooner, and waste less air when you’re finished.


by: Doug in

Whoops, forgot this part about sanding.

You *may* want to use that bigger tank with that.

But only if the pump can’t quite keep up with it.

The trade-off is you can sand longer before you need to wait for the pressure to rebuild, which will also take longer, or you can sand in shorter bursts, and wait less for the pressure.

In either case, you probably wouldn’t be able to go more than an hour without exceeding the duty cycle. And with or without the tank, you’ll be able to do more work with your pump than your buddy can with his.

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Would anyone know what model this compressor is. 5hp Charge Air Pro. Can’t find anything that looks like a model #. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gary, is there a sticker or something under the pump, maybe painted orver, or is whatever it was gone? That’s likely where the model number is…or was.

Failing that, figure out the tank size, please.

Is there a label on the motor? Pic of that, too, please.


It looks like the one I have. Owners manual says Model 5E6V. I broke the belt wheel when I tried moving down a step. I am having a tough time finding a replacement. Are you parting it out?

I have the same compressor , its a 1986. I would also like to know Modle. Mine has a rust hole in the tank. I need a new tank.

I have a 5hp 60 gal , my tank has a pin hole rusted in the bottom. If you trade tanks i would be interested in yours or let me know where I can get another 60 gallon.

I’m trying to get the value of 20 gallon pro AIR air compressor

Model number, age, is it running or are you considering buying it, and can you add some pics of it if you’re the owner?