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California Air Tools Compressors – Information, Servicing & Manuals

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This page will provide you with as much relevant information as possible, where you can seek help, download manuals, and navigate existing problems and solutions available on this site.

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California Air Tools Information

In 2002, a team of industry professionals with extensive product knowledge of the air tool industry came together to create California Air Tools Inc. Their goal from the beginning was to design, engineer, and manufacture innovative products that would exceed customers’ expectations.

Introducing innovative products like “Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressors”, allows “you” the end-user to use your air tools anywhere at any time. The vision at California Air Tools is about creating the kind of products that provide useful features and outstanding performance.

They strive to provide the highest quality products and the highest level of customer service to every customer each and every time! California Air Tools has a mission to “Change the Way You Work.”

Established in San Diego, California, USA, in 2002, California Air Tools has gone on to become a well-respected air compressor manufacturer in the industry thanks to the introduction of the “Ultra Quiet” air compressors in 2009. Since then, they have continuously expanded their production and facilities, including production factories in Mexico.

California Air Tools Contact Information

I couldn’t find an exact address for California Air Tools, though their headquarters is located in San Diego, California, U.S.A. The best way to contact California Air Tools for any matter is via the contact information below:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866-409-4581

California Air Tools Air Compressor Manuals

If you’re looking for California Air Tools compressor manuals, you can go to the owner’s manuals section of their website, where you’ll be able to download a PDF file of the manual for your compressor.

California Air Tools Air Compressors Available on Amazon

I have picked out a few California Air Tools air compressors that are readily available on Amazon for purchase. The first is this CAT-1P1060S portable air compressor.

  • Tank size: 1 gallon
  • HP: 0.6
  • CFM: 1.2 @ 90 PSI

This ultra-quiet air compressor only produces noise levels of around 56 dB. It has an oil-free pump, allowing less maintenance and costs, and is easily portable due to weighing only 29lbs.

The next air compressor is the California Air Tools 10020C powerful air compressor.

  • Tank size: 10 gallon
  • HP: 2
  • CFM: 5.3 @ 90 PSI

Now, this second California Air Tools air compressor is fairly bigger than the last, and not just physically, it offers far more CFM. The air compressor produces only 70 dB of noise with all that horsepower!

Both these air compressors are highly reviewed on Amazon, both recently becoming Amazon choices. If you’re looking for California Air Tools air compressor replacement parts, you’re best contacting the company directly with the information provided above or visiting the parts requests section of their website!

California Air Tools Inc. will repair or replace, at its option, any parts of the portable air compressor that are proven to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use during the applicable warranty time period as stated in the Owner’s Manual.

California Air Tools Air Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Fixes

If you have had any issues or have comments about using your California Air Tools air compressor, other users would like to hear from you.

First, you might want to review the troubleshooting pages on this site. The majority of issues posted about the California Air Tools air compressor line are problems encountered by many brands of compressors and the answer to your questions is likely already somewhere! For example, why air compressors won’t build pressure, why air compressor won’t shut off, why air compressor blows breaker, and so on.

If reading the pages on this site doesn’t help to see if any suit, and you don’t find an answer to your California Air Tools compressor issue, scroll to the bottom of the page to ask your question.

If you have any questions about California Air Tools compressors, please leave a comment below, with photos if applicable, so that others can help you!

By Bill Wade

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