B&S Brute #074004 Reed Valves

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Where can I get both replacement reed valves shown in the attached photo?

Replacement Reed Valves Briggs Stratton Brute #074003/074004
Replacement Reed Valves Briggs Stratton Brute #074003/074004

Briggs Stratton Brute #074003/074004

10 Gal. 125PSI


Briggs Stratton Brute #074003/074004 valves
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Hmm – Not in #5 gasket/o-ring kit?

Master tool and parts on line both show that, have you asked them?

If not, then you may have to fabricate your own…


Brute 074004 air compressor reed valves
by: Anonymous

These parts are not available. You have to fabricate your own out of .012 spring steel shim stock. Check with NAPA for that.


Campbell Hausfeld Replacement Parts
by: DJFJr


Campbell-Hausfeld model # HL 4000 valve-plate assembly, (3) gaskets, (2) reed valves, and new valve-plate…..$12.95 + S&H

the same as the Husky Brute & several others


Campbell-Hausfeld repair parts
by: DJFJr

Here ya go,


$12.97 + S&H

Please visit our Make Your Own Air Compressor Reed Valve guide!

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