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As I’m writing this page about Brunner air compressors, I wonder what the Brunner Air Compressor Corp., established in 1963 in New York State and gone bankrupt in May 1966, has to do with the Brunner air compressors that have been in use in North America since when, the late 1910’s or thereabouts?

Probably little. I could not find a connection. If you know of one, please add it as a comment at the end of this page.

Questions about Brunner air compressors still ricochet around the internet however with some landing on with regularity. You may find some answers on this page if you scroll the existing comments.

In my research about this brand, I discovered a photo of this beauty, a restored 1951 Brunner.

Brunner Air Compressors
Brunner Air Compressors

If you wish to see more photos of the restore, visit:

Brunner Air Compressors List
Brunner Air Compressors List

This page is here to help those with Brunner air compressors find information that may not be available elsewhere, to ask questions about their Brunner compressor, and, if they have the experience and knowledge to help another Brunner owner, to give advice by commenting on the specific questions below.

I am grateful to Mike Stubblefield who was kind enough to put together and provide the files linked below. Click the link to download this Brunner information to your computer.

Brunner compressor information:

Mike would like to hear from other Brunner air compressor owners and encourages folks to add a comment with their contact info for him to reach out to you.


Existing postings:

Brunner air compressor 1957 needs help

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Hey, I just want to say hi. I have a Model 75SH8 in my garage that I will be restoring back to looking new. It has the two stage pump A17301 which is absolutely huge and beautiful. I will be stripping paint and repainting. Hydrotesting and thickness testing the tank if I can. I will have no problem performing the hydrotest but not sure about the thickness test. The fins on the after cooler lines have been dented some and are loaded with crud. Overall it works fine except for the current motor on it keeps blowing through capacitors every… Read more »


I opened up one of the two inch ports on the tank to have a look inside. There is a water and oil sludge on the bottom maybe an inch thick. The whole inside of the tank is pitted and flaked with rust. Much more than surface rust. I am curious to see if it passes a pressure test! Even so, I would not feel safe using it. It is almost 70 years old after all. But then it is incredibly heavy, much heavier than I think a new tank would be so my guess is the walls of the… Read more »

I would think your capacitors are in series to increase the voltage, likely two 120v capacitors instead of a single 230-240v cap.

In our welding shop we have a Bruner A212.
I need valves/reeds and gaskets also the valve plate is scored on the second stage side . I can probably machine the plate but if parts are available I would prefer to replace it 

I just picked up a Brunner compressor model H23 with an A650 compressor and 2hp motor. The flywheel is 16″ double belt but the motor did not have a wheel on it. Anyone know what diameter wheel would go on it? Thanks

Size depends on the motor speed. But that pump wants to run at 550 rpm.

That’s great thanks

I picked up a Brunner Air Compressor recently that was used in a machine shop. I’m hoping to find out some details about this machine and if there is a manual of some kind. It appears to be complete except for pressure gauge. Not sure of the year but appears pre WW-II, maybe 20s or 30s? Are sites available for this information? Thank You

Everything we know is at the top of this page. Look at all the downloadable references to find your model. If there’s a Brunner site, I don’t know about it, but if you find one, please let us know!

Is there any way to find out how much one is worth? My dad passed away recently and has one in his garage. I do have pic of it if someone call help me?!
[email protected]

Hi Rebecca,

See our page: and upload a picture of the compressor with any details you might have such as serial numbeer & model number if visible on the nameplate


I have a Brunner model #W150mc. I’m trying to find out what the scfm is? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

I have a Brunner two stage on 80 gallon tank . Model year is 1954 compressor model 414 works great have had very few problems with it and have had over twenty five years

Yep, those are great machines.

I have a Bruner model H 6212
Can you tell me where the oil filler plug is and how much oil it takes

Hi, i’m looking for the top head ( parts over cylinder ) for a A212 or A414 pump. Anyone know where i could find this part, or just some parts like valve, bolts or any alone parts of the pump. Do you know if there’s some parts from other manufacturer are the same thing of Brunner ? If you have old rusty parts in your garage, i’m also interest 😉 Thanks in advance…..

Looking for a felt filter element for a Brunner A-330 compressor. Filter elements are 2-3/4 in. diameter x 3/4 in. thick

I went with a girl in high school, whose father was William P. Cline, who, I believe was one of the owners of the 1963-1966 company. I recall that he and two other guys bought the company out of bankruptcy and tried, unsuccessfully, to revive the brand. Mr. Cline told me that he had been an owner of Quaker Tire Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when they designed and manufactured the first white wall tire. I do know that he spent his weeks in Utica in 1963, commuting from Radnor, Pennsylvania, where he lived, to run the business. I hope this… Read more »

Just picked this. Up for 275.00. Looking for more info on it.


I picked this up for 35 dollars last week and don’t know much about it. Can somebody help me identify what model compressor it is and if the tank is also brunner. I can only get it up to 60 psi. The compressor is currently running clockwise. Though I don’t think the motor is wired for the high voltage setting so it seems slow.

Better pix might help.
Is the motor stalling at 60psi? Regardless, you need to *determine* what voltage the motor wants, and either run it with that voltage or rewire it for what voltage you have.

Yez it stalls at 60.

Let me clarify. The motor and compressor will keep running but it will not build anymore then 60 psi.

Looks like an a-330.
It has one or more bad valves, likely the HP intake is stuck open. The manual:

Brunner air compressor manual

These do run slow, so that may be OK, especially if it came with a standard North American plug.

Maybe you can get better pix of the motor and tank tags up?

Good luck.

Last edited 2 years ago by Doug in

I have pics of the tags up.

Hmm – where?

Earlier in the same thread, Doug. I saw them there. A couple of posts on this same thread before your last.

Yes. Can you tell me what they say?

I said “Maybe you can get better pix of the motor and tank tags up?”
I can’t read those.

The two photos of the labels were low resolution and cannot be enlarged to see better. Perhaps JB can send higher resolution of the tank and motor labels.

I’m working on an old Brunner air compressor. The founder of the company was my great uncle, George L. Brunner I. Anyone have an idea when they used wooden pulley/flywheels?

Are these weighted with anything?
Anyway, just a guess, around the time pneumatic tires came in. 20’s, maybe? Because of the steel rims, and large casts for engines.

Looks home made and extremely dangerous. I saw a man die making something like this once.

How exactly did he die? There’s nothing home made on this compressor… no tank, just a compressor and a flywheel.

I acquired this beauty with a property… model 1352

I would love to know more and it still works great..


I run a A5301 great unit quiet puts up lots of air do your self a favour remove the stock air filter and put on oil filters that are 3/4″ thread they are mufflers and filter same time a person could have a conversation in the garage with it running

Hello, I am looking for some internal parts for one,A5301 is the tag # and I believe I may have spun a bearing! I developed a slight knock at 60 psi and it gets louder with psi! Thanks for any info available and my contact info is …. thanks again Jim

(Personal contact info removed. Please respond via a comment so that way all can benefit from any info. Moderator)

Just acquired a model 102. Looking for maintenance info, although I believe it “works” as-is. -Pete